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Groom Creek - Bradshaw Four, AZ
mini location map2020-04-28
14 by photographer avatarLJW
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Groom Creek - Bradshaw Four, AZ 
Groom Creek - Bradshaw Four, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 28 2020
Hiking25.00 Miles 5,050 AEG
Hiking25.00 Miles   8 Hrs   45 Mns   3.23 mph
5,050 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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More summer mountains, another figure 8. Not a true figure 8, but pretty close. What I ended up with was a loop posted here by @The_Eagle that started at Potato Patch and hit the four highest Bradshaw peaks fused with the Groom Creek Trail Loop by the Isabella Trail. So not a figure 8, but maybe a double loop. Started at the Groom Creek Trailhead a little after 6 and headed toward Spruce Peak.

Groom Creek saw two or three dozen deer as the sun rose through the pines. Shady and cool. North side of the GCL is prettier and steeper than the south. Spruce Peak doesn't take long. Not quite fire season yet, LO was locked and unoccupied. Great views for minimal effort. Groom Creek down Spruce Ridge is a real nice walk. Great pine cover and cool. Lots of turkeys fussing down the slopes.

Isabella Trail saw my first hiker of the day. Headed down into Potato Patch. What a neat little community. Hasayampa River had a light flow, Lake was full up and spilling over the huge dam on the west side. Hasayampa Lake, like most things in this part of Bradshaws, is private property, with houses built right onto the north shore. Down the road to Senator and added some distance in my indecision about Senator Falls. Skipped it and looked it up when I got home to find it ain't much.

Went up Senator trying to find a spot to leave the road and start the off trail work to Tritle. Route took me to an overgrown section I wanted nothing to do with. Headed farther up the road, and I've never seen so many private property signs. Lots of commercial and residential property on Mount Tritle. It would seem the only legal way to the summit is via FR52b. Alas, the last switchback of Senator revealed a perfect drainage up, marked with Private property signs on either side. Thought about Amethyst Peak and all the unlawful motherlodes. Headed up the drainage. There is one house on the mountain that way, but I stayed north as possible to keep away from the property.

Tritle has great views north and maybe the best views west of the four peaks. 52b is rocky. Had my first ankle roll coming down the peak around mile 11. Splinted and decided to finish and worry about it later. More road walking and interesting properties that no one seems to live in.

Saw two bikers on Poland Road once I turned toward Mount Union. Shady under the pines. Stopped at a spot on the road to Union to look north before the peak and at the gate to Paco's House. Summit views from Union are huge. Tower unoccupied, will have to go back. Didn't take much of a break to avoid my ankle swelling and stiffening.

Over to Davis in no time. Saw my second hiker on Yankee Doodle. Davis is an easy traverse, minimal bushwhacking. Made the stop over to the bald peak to the north. Best views and best break spot of the day. Made my way back to the Dandrea trail instead of taking the ridge down in order to see more of the trail.

Wish I hadn't, Dandreas's a chore. It's an old mining two track with terrible tread. It's more or less a river of apple-sized rocks. Gave my splinted ankle its second roll of the day around mile 19. Limped my way into Potato Patch. Sat down in the shade at Isabella and considered trying to hitch-hike down to Groom Creek. Ankle felt a little better, so I just went for it.

Longest 5.5 miles I've ever walked. Isabella wasn't too bad, but the slight downhill on Groom Creek had me at my limit. Cussed and whimpered my way back to the car. Passed two hikers on Groom Creek. Wolf Creek had a good flow, figure the falls down the creek will be worthwhile for a few more days before drying up.
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