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Fremont - Doyle - Schultz, AZ
mini location map2020-07-16
12 by photographer avatarLJW
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Fremont - Doyle - Schultz, AZ 
Fremont - Doyle - Schultz, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 16 2020
Hiking16.35 Miles 4,952 AEG
Hiking16.35 Miles   9 Hrs   45 Mns   2.62 mph
4,952 ft AEG   3 Hrs   30 Mns Break
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Just did this one a couple weeks ago, but a friend in Flagstaff and I couldn't think of anything better on a day with storms in the forecast. Started real early around 4am in order to give us time for a long break on Fremont before any summer storms could roll in.

Schultz tank a few cars when we got there. They belonged to campers on Doyle Saddle and a guy who got there shortly after us doing some running. We could see distant lightning in the clouds north of Humphreys in the dissipating night's storm. Weatherford had a half dozen trees down, nothing too bad.

Up to Fremont in great time. Key to this one was getting ahead of the weather while we had a trail and going fast as possible up to Fremont Saddle. Everything after that takes time. Fremont Saddle up the ridge to the peak. Gone this way three times since last month, so it didn't take long. Stayed an hour on the summit watching the clouds rearrange the lighting on the peaks. Clouds started to darken and we realized we drank away our head start.

Straight down to Doyle Saddle and up Doyle. Tried to take a smarter route than earlier in the month to no avail. Got to the cabin and had another short break around 10:30am. The ticking of rain started on the corrugated metal roof behind us. Then dull thunder. We got up and went to the summit and watched a storm dump water on the slopes north of Lockett Meadow and Sugarloaf Mountain. Dark, electrical clouds in every direction from Doyle.

Down the ridge to PK11045. A hail storm started, so we hung out under some trees and waited for it to pass. Thunder grew louder and moved overhead. Light rain came and went as clouds gathered. When we started up for Schultz a bolt of lightning flashed and curled in the air a few hundred feet above us. Not sure I've ever heard anything louder.

On Schultz a downpour started, so we stopped again below the trees. Thunder was pretty constant. Eventually the rain ended and we went through the meadows. Windy and cold, and the thunder was done until waterline when a proper downpour started. I usually try pretty hard to avoid summer storms, so by that point it was pretty cool to be caught in one. Only saw a few people, both times we passed Doyle Saddle.
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