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Fremont - Doyle - Schultz, AZ
mini location map2020-07-05
11 by photographer avatarLJW
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Fremont - Doyle - Schultz, AZ 
Fremont - Doyle - Schultz, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 05 2020
Hiking15.84 Miles 4,932 AEG
Hiking15.84 Miles   6 Hrs   29 Mns   2.76 mph
4,932 ft AEG      45 Mns Break
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Came to find out that the route between Schultz and Doyle is pretty well-traveled. A trail exists much of the way. Wanted to add Fremont, and instead of saving the best for last ended up on that summit first. Had a go at a figure 8 earlier in the year and tried another one out. Went to draw up the route and found that @chumley had already posted it. Good looking out.

Started at Schultz Tank around 5:45. Not very cool with the sun up a half hour. Took Weatherford to Fremont Saddle, passing a hiker going up and a group of backpackers coming down. From there up the ridge to Fremont, beginning ~6mi of off-trail travel. Met a guy this year on Agassiz Peak from out of state who remarked the SF Peaks make for some good beginner's mountaineering. Travel's generally easy if the steep slopes don't bother you. Not too hard to avoid bushwhacking.

Views from Fremont summit were pretty hazy. Clouds were starting to coalesce over the peaks. The wind that brought them in had yet to clear the air. Slowest portion of the day was down to Doyle Saddle and then up Doyle. Footing is loose coming down that way from Fremont, and going up Doyle it's just plain steep. Should have made more of an effort to climb farther north to the ridge, but the climb doesn't last long. Most interesting part of the day was the cabin. Views from Doyle are under-hyped. Not bad at all.

Followed ridgelines down to Schultz. A trail exists much of the way between Pk11045 and High Tank. Could pass right over Schultz Peak without noticing. Nice area with beautiful clearings between the trees. Followed the meadows to the end of the line, and went down toward Waterline Trail.
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Named place
Doyle Peak
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Good On Weatherford and around Schultz
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