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Union - Moscow - Davis, AZ
mini location map2020-07-02
9 by photographer avatarLJW
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Union - Moscow - Davis, AZ 
Union - Moscow - Davis, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 02 2020
Hiking18.62 Miles 4,188 AEG
Hiking18.62 Miles   6 Hrs   21 Mns   3.18 mph
4,188 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
1st trip
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Chance of lightning, albeit slight, so I got an early start around 445am hoping to summit Union, Moscow, and Davis in a semi-convoluted out and back.

Groom Creek was dark on the way up. Shady and dark all the way to Union, and mostly even all the way to Moscow. Crosscut hard to mistake. Two wooden posts mark the trail where it skirts away from under the power lines and straight up Spruce Ridge. Steep but good shape.

Isabella light started to come out. Such a beautiful trail. All three trails smooth, little rocky on Isabella higher up where it's steepest.

Slipped through Potato Patch before the neighborhood watch was up. Damn is it cold in that pocket of the mountains. Dandrea is pretty terrible but I guess it has its charms. Real dense forest. Better in the light. Tread is about as bad as they come.

Yankee Doodle the oak trees that looked downright burned a month or so ago have leafed-out, and the difference is pretty stark. Oak tunnel in place of Southern views.

Union shmunion. It's a tower peak. Views are good for what they are, pretty big if possible to ignore all the metal on top. LO unoccupied.

Yankee to Moscow ridge. Hadn't been south of Union on Yankee, but it just gets better and better. Easy game trail to the ridge and an obvious use trail to the summit. Sees more hikers than I thought. You can drive most of the way up with sweet enough wheels. Moscow was worth the effort and the ridge walk to it is pretty rad. Beware false summit.

Clouds were coming in by the time I was on Davis. Didn't hang around. Never ended up storming, so kind of a bummer. Waves of cumulous clouds rolled in by the time I was back on 307. Only saw one person, on the Isabella trail.
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