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A White Mountains Fourth, AZ
mini location map2020-07-04
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A White Mountains Fourth, AZ 
A White Mountains Fourth, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 04 2020
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We left Phoenix early Friday morning without a real plan of where we were going to go but someplace east of Payson. Somewhere along the 260 we decided to make the haul to an oldie but a favorite, Greens Peak. As expected it was busy, but not as awful as we expected it to be with Stage II conditions of most forests and the closure of the Tonto.

We pulled into our campsite shortly after 9am, setup our home away from home for the next two nights, and spent the rest of the day with a few cold ones and some cards. Our nearest neighbors were ~500 yards away and were not the typical ‘rim crowd’ with loud music and late night partying. There was a lot of UTV/ATV traffic but that seemed to die down shortly after sunset. I’ll take it!

Greens Peak Hike

The next morning I managed to hike up to Greens Peak. From out campsite I followed FR8603 which was mostly overgrown until it ended about one and one-half miles north from my campsite. Checking my maps I decided to backtrack ~30 yards and continued east towards the north slope of the Greens Peak. This is where the hike got a bit interesting for me as something was following me for a good bit of distance before I connected with the Greens Peak Trail. I’ve never really felt dread or fear while hiking before but those feelings were present on this trip. I never managed to see what was following me but I was glad to be out of the bush! Spent about 30 minutes on the peak taking in the views and having a Gatorade. Hiked the road back down to camp. According to Gaia I logged just under six and a half miles and just over a 1,000 feet of elevation from my campsite

East Baldy Trail No. 95

I was still feeling pretty good, minus my fright in the woods, after I got back to camp so I took the wife and the dog for a drive to the East Baldy Trail No. 95. I have ever seen the west or east trail-head parking lots of Baldy being that busy. Cars were parked all over the place and there were hoards of people. Yuck… Well, we made the drive so might as well try to get a hike in. We made it about two miles back before our little dog was over it. Oh well, surprised he made it that far! Short lived but still a pleasant drive. Headed into Greer for some ice and a snack, then back to camp.

After getting back to camp we decided to hike the road up to Greens Peak to catch in the fireworks from Show Low, Concho, and Spingerville-Eager. Kinda neat to have a 180 degree view of fireworks. There were a lot of folks with trucks and ATVs on the peak for the same reason. Didn’t manage to capture the eclipse due to cloud coverage but still pretty neat to watch the fireworks.

A very relaxing weekend overall, we enjoyed our time out there. I am anxiously waiting for some planned time-off from work during a less busier time with the trip being focused on a more remote trip into the back country. No monsoons on our trip, dangit! Love being in the mountains during a good thunderstorm. However, cool temperatures at night and mild days beat the 110s of the valley. Still wondering what was following me while I hiked up to Greens Peak. It kind of reminds of some of the stories form Craig Child's in his book Animal Dialogues. Could have been many things, I guess I’ll never know.
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