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White Mountains Fishing & Hiking, AZ
mini location map2020-08-21
10 by photographer avatarNobody01
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White Mountains Fishing & Hiking, AZ 
White Mountains Fishing & Hiking, AZ
Hiking15.00 Miles
Hiking15.00 Miles
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1st trip
Day 1

Fishing, hiking, and a gear shakedown where the goal (thanks @ALMAL) for this trip out into the white mountains. I took off from Phoenix early Friday morning with the destination being Thompson Trail 629 then over to Wildcat Crossing on Saturday for more fishing hiking and camping. Along the way, plans were altered as my better half wanted to meet me up there to escape the valley heat.

We decided to meet at 95's parking lot with an ETA of 12:00pm. Not wanting to sit around and wait for 2 hours I decided to park at 94's parking lot and hike over to 95. The 94 and Crossover trails are nice and cruisey paths. The crossover being the my favorite of the badly loop. I also figured this would be a good way to get acclimated to the higher elevation. I started my hike at 10:30am where I passed two people on 94 headed east back to the parking lot, a group of eight people mid-way through the crossover headed north, and 2 more people headed north just before the crossover and 95 junction. I don't remember Baldy being this busy in August of 2019 which was the last time I hiked these trails. Not a whole bunch of people for a Friday but a bit more than expected.

My timing was nearly perfect to the arrival for my wife and our dog which worked out great as the storms were beginning to kick into high gear a few miles to the southwest. We wasted no time in getting the dog and her pack setup for the short trip into the meadows and the campsite I had in mind.

From 95's parking lot we set off towards a known campsite just off 95 were we passed two other people headed back to the parking lot. After our short two mile walk to our home for the night we wasted no time in getting camp squared away. From here we followed a game trail into the meadow. Wife and the doggo followed for a bit before the dog and her had gone as far as they wanted to go. This area is really pretty area and very easy hiking, many different paths to explore and the views are fantastic. Some of the best in the area in my opinion.

Before I had looped back around to camp (and against my better judgment) I decided to setup my phone/camera for a time lapse which I had planned to retrieve at dusk. I knew the phone would would get exposed to elements so I did my best to protect it. I left the phone/camera unattended for about two hours. During that time a pretty good storm hit the area and I was excited to see the results of the time lapse. It wasn't all that windy but it poured quite a big of rain and lots of lightning/thunder. Nothing beats a good gully warsher in the mountains. After the storm had passed I hiked back to the where I had left the phone only to findin it DOA. DANGIT!

Turns out the iPhone 11 is not as resistant to water was I thought. My makeshift hood/tarp setup didn't seem to protect it all that much. Oh well, lesson learned, an expensive one, and I should have known better. Despite that loss we still had a fun evening and a quiet night of rest.

Day 2

Next morning we were awakened by the many groups of loud hikers headed up 95. Wife and dog were not having the commotion so we packed up and headed back to the parking lot. We arrived to a parking lot just before 9am and it was packed. Almost as busy as what we had witnessed during the fourth of July weekend this year. If you're looking for isolation, this is not the area to find it. I ended up giving my phone to the wife, she gave me a lift back to my car over at 94, and we parted ways.

Even with the death of my camera/phone I still decided to head over to 629 to get some fishing in. Hiked down to the first crossing and continued past a ways with no luck. Got a little bit of rain but nothing bad and the picturesque scenery and beautiful meadows made the hike worth it. The area is super green and lush right now, wasn't quiet the case when I hiked the area in 2019. I am going to try to get back out to 629 before the end of September for some trout fishing. I'll bring the right tackle next trip and wont be so careless with a $1,500 smartphone. ](*,)

I wasn't really feeling up to another night of camping so I made my way back to the car. Spoke to a couple fisherman near the crossing on my way back who seemed to be having decent luck on flies. We also discussed fishing over at Wildcat which they indicated is very busy right now, no surprise there.

Despite the blunder with my phone all pictures less the time lapse were recovered and the apple protection paid for itself. Still had a good time and always beats the death heat of Phoenix.
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