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Prescott Forest Walk, AZ
mini location map2020-05-02
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Prescott Forest Walk, AZ 
Prescott Forest Walk, AZ
Hiking9.64 Miles 1,090 AEG
Hiking9.64 Miles   3 Hrs   55 Mns   2.69 mph
1,090 ft AEG      20 Mns Break8 LBS Pack
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1st trip

We started off along the east alignment of Walker Road and hiked northeast towards 311. Once we hit 311 we headed over to the dam and continued east to 94 and up the hill along 94. Once we reached the intersection of 94/95 we continued south along 95 approximately one-quarter mile, where we bushwhacked our way to Benjamin Gulch/Lynx Creek. That wasn't too fun but the 'trail' we were on hadn't seen much use so it was a decent bit of isolation. There are all sorts of side trails around this area and you can definitely choose your own little mini adventure if you just want to get outside for some exercise. Once we made it to the creek we crossed over the dam and up to Hilltop Campground and made our way over to 305. Once we were on 305 we hiked down to the smith Ravine TH where we decided to turn back around and make our way back to the car. As expected this area had hoards of people for a Saturday morning but I think we timed it fairly decently as the hoards were showing up later in the day as we were finishing our hike.

Lastly, we saw the beginnings of a wildfire in-between Black Canyon City and Anthem.

Hopefully in two weeks we plan to do something a bit more challenging and isolated.
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