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Pine Creek Lavender Farm, AZ
mini location map2020-09-12
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Pine Creek Lavender Farm, AZ 
Pine Creek Lavender Farm, AZ
Walk / Tour avatar Sep 12 2020
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Mary loves all things lavender, so when we learned in the September 2020 issue of Arizona Highways about Pine Creek Lavender Farm in Pine, we knew we had to go. The farm's store is open on weekends from 10am to 4pm.

We arrived about 11:00. The farm's setting, along a dirt road just off State Route 87, provides that idyllic rural feel that we city dwellers love so much. Mary inspected the wares and I occupied myself by taking pictures. Everything sold at the farm is also made at the farm with their own homegrown lavender. The farm has about 5,500 lavender plants. The owners are very friendly and outgoing.

After the farm, we drove some back roads around Pine and Strawberry to look at cabins. My grandparents used to own a cabin in Strawberry, 8411 West Turkey Run, and had to sell it back in 2002. We thought the new owners had torn it down and were very pleasantly surprised to see that it still stands. I have many fond memories of summer trips to that cabin all through childhood.

We enjoyed a nice lunch at The Randall House in Pine, our first time out to eat since March. We sat outside in the shade and were joined by a couple bees buzzing around. There was a great musician providing live entertainment. The lunch got really interesting when an older guy that was hanging out with the musician came to our table and introduced himself as the drummer for the rock band Gin Blossoms. He explained that he's from Scotland and a clan chief, showed us some tattoos and told us very dirty jokes. We thought he was BS'ing us because he was just a bit intoxicated but the musician confirmed that he indeed was Chris McCann and a member of the Gin Blossoms. Go figure. He had also been enjoying mimosas all morning long.

All in all, a great day up in the Rim country.
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