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Picketpost Gauntlet, AZ
mini location map2020-10-18
9 by photographer avatarsurvivordude
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Picketpost Gauntlet, AZ 
Picketpost Gauntlet, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 18 2020
Hiking13.20 Miles 2,840 AEG
Hiking13.20 Miles   6 Hrs   14 Mns   2.39 mph
2,840 ft AEG      42 Mns Break
1st trip
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Couldn't decide on the circumference trail or the summit trail, so I did both. I did decide to do the CW loop first and then the summit after as a challenge. It was quite the challenge.

Circumference - Where the cows go to poop.
Seriously, beginning in the parking lot, it was everywhere. After a short while, there was a gate separating Arnett Canyon, which put a temporary hold on the pies. Arnett Canyon was a desert dream of a hike. It goes right along the (dry) creek on the flattest, softest dirt I have ever hiked on. The whole AEG for the entire trail was like 10. I loved it. Typical of most desert canyons, there were a lot of big green cottonwoods lining the bottom the whole way through. It was really beautiful. I could only imagine seeing this area in the spring or when the creek is flowing. After another gate, the turds returned with a vengeance. The section through Telegraph Canyon had several pools of water and some real lush, green areas. It would have been fantastic, if not for .. all .. the.. poop. After a while the trail goes up across some small hills, follows a road for a bit, and then goes right off into another canyon to finally meet up with the AZT. In hindsight, I would have taken the Alamo canyon trail instead of the actual AZT because AZT winds in and out of the hills, while I could see the flat, soft, straight trail looking all smooth down below the whole time. 9 miles was a good warm up.

Summit - This reminded me of a shorter, more intense Flat Iron. After the few first hills up, the intensity increases. A lot of scrambling and exposure gets the heart pumping. Route finding is not necessary as the white dots, pick ribbons, and red arrows lead the way all the way up. Rock cairns are so pre-2020. It was a lot of fun climbing up on the ledges and through the bushes up there. The actual summit is still another .25 miles after you get up top. I didnt spend too much time up there because I was burnt out, and wanted to find some shade to take a break. Passed one other solo hiker on her way up as I was headed down. From the AZT junction, up, and down to the parking lot in 2.5 hours.. not bad.

Check this one off.. I will have to come back for that summit again, though, it was a fun adventure.
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Named place
Finger Rock - Arnett Canyon
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