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Camino Ramanote, AZ
mini location map2021-03-25
15 by photographer avatarHikerWill
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Camino Ramanote, AZ 
Camino Ramanote, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 25 2021
Hiking2.10 Miles
Hiking2.10 Miles   1 Hour   35 Mns   1.37 mph
      3 Mns Break
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Today was an unexpected find and I plan to go back to take better photos.It is also a continuation of a hike from last weekend.
It was unexpected because I didn’t plan on a hike because we had a zoom meeting at work.
Boss had an agenda with 2 items. The time allotted for the meeting was an hour and he was done in 30 minutes.
“Well folks that’s all I have, so unless there and any questions…”
I swear by the snot dripping from Satans nose that I will find out what kind of degree it takes to take my bosses job and go back to school and get it and apply for his job and fire the two people who asked questions that had just been answered.
Mercy for to Jupiter. Great Caesars Ghost. For the Love of Mike. Peter Paul and Mary. Sweet Mother of Martha. Goodnight Irene. Sheesh Louise. Katie Bar the door. Was she conceived under high powered electric lines? I just don’t understand.
Did she get there late? Was she looking at FB on her phone? Head in the clouds? Low blood sugar?
Her question, that was just answered not even one minute before, sparked a discussion.
20 Minutes later…
When the boss said, “in conclusion..” almost every screen went blank at the same time.
The hike:
1-19 from the north.
Take exit 17 and head north on frontage road.
Cross Agua Fria and take the next left on Camino Ramanote.
At the only fork in the road take the right and go until the pavement ends.
There is a pretty good drop off here so slow down.
From here drive 1.25 miles and park on the South side of the road.
There is plenty of room.
From here drop down over the hill on a ridge to the canyon floor.
Follow the canyon to the end and it will end up back on Camino Ramanote.
From the truck to the Tank is about 2000 feet.
From the truck through the canyon to Camino Ramanote is about 1.28 miles.
There are lots of nooks and crannys and pools and hop alongs all the way.
The canyon is mostly solid bare rock.
At some point I took a short side trip so I could tear through some cats claw. This was purely out of spite and to have a blood letting to rid me of the ill will toward the ne’er do wells who wasted 20 minutes or perfect hiking weather.
Near the end of the canyon there are some cliffs and it looks like the end but it keeps going. The canyon ends as you cross FR 4192. This is a weird road as it is only about 100 feet long. There are also 4 salt licks in the middle of it so you will need a high clearance vehicle to go ….. not very far.

I opted to come back off road until I got to a fence that led to the Atascosa Ranch Corral. This is the 1.62 mile mark from the truck.
Round trip was 2.10 miles
Left the truck at 3:53 and got back at 5:38.
Laid in the bed and dozed for a bit before heading back.
These little canyons in the area make quick hikes and usually have some interesting features.
Temp was 63 and the wind was blowing about 15 mph on top of the Mesa.
No wind in the canyon at all.
I plan to go back when and take my better camera and take more time to poke around some of the small caves and formations.
I skirted the tank because there were about 20 cows and I try to avoid things that begin with the letter “B” when hiking.
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