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Laurel Fork Falls, TN
mini location map2021-06-24
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Laurel Fork Falls, TN 
Laurel Fork Falls, TN
Hiking2.24 Miles 232 AEG
Hiking2.24 Miles      55 Mns   2.44 mph
232 ft AEG
1st trip
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Just outside of the small Tennessee town of Hampton the AT crosses Dennis Cove Rd. There is also a small hosted campground nearby named Dennis Cove Campground. There were about 12 sites with fire rings and pits, nothing else. The parking area at Dennis Cove Trailhead had 4 cars and a few people camped by the road. Following the AT north, there is a campsite 100 yards in creek side that was empty. At about 1 mile you cross a wooden bridge and then climb some rock steps. At about 1.8 miles you'll pass an AT shelter. (no pic it was occupied). A side side trail drops down to the creek with a few switchbacks but nothing to fancy. Once at the bottom there was an empty campsite. Just before the falls another empty campsite. The falls were nice and the wet breeze was fantastic. I did a bit of fishing along the way back and caught a few small wild browns.
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