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Chevelon Creek via FR236, AZ
mini location map2021-06-05
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Chevelon Creek via FR236, AZ 
Chevelon Creek via FR236, AZ
Mtn Biking29.00 Miles
Mtn Biking29.00 Miles
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Car camped along FR237 Friday at least a half mile from the nearest generator. Biked down the old rim road to Forest Lakes general store and a spin through Canyon Point campground. Campground was completely full including all 57 FF sites. Wind, clouds, and a few drops of rain before sunset. The objective on Saturday was to bike down FR236 to it's end, hike down to the creek, and do some fishing. More wind but otherwise a nice day.FR236 is a nice ride all the way to the end. The hike down is steep, loose, rough, and a total scramble. Once down by the creek the area is lush despite a barely flowing creek. Even still, there were plenty of small brown trout in every little pool. I don't think I'll re-visit this spot unless on a thru-hike someday. Once back up top I returned down FR236 and took the right turn eventually leading to Willow Springs lake. Super windy but plenty of boaters were out.
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