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mini location map2020-10-10
7 by photographer avatarALMAL
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Tonto CreekPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Mtn Biking avatar Oct 10 2020
Mtn Biking18.00 Miles
Mtn Biking18.00 Miles
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Started out off of Colcord road Saturday morning and rode down to Fishermen's point and to explore another area a mile further down that leads down to another creek, now dry. Nice road, kind of bumpy. Later I relocated to Tonto creek and the madness around Horton trailhead. Wow, but nothing really surprises me anymore. I hopped back on the bike and rode across 260 and followed the road to it's end. I didn't realize ASU had a football field there. Fished along the creek on the way back and found a small herd of rainbow trout not 100 yards from the 260 bridge. No one was fishing this area. Kept 2 13's, 2 14's, and a 15"er.
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