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mini location map2020-07-18
5 by photographer avatarALMAL
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Pivot Rock CanyonPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Mtn Biking avatar Jul 18 2020
Mtn Biking19.80 Miles 800 AEG
Mtn Biking19.80 Miles
800 ft AEG
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Headed above the rim to test out a new gravel biking set up on the rim area roads. Picked a not so quiet spot along 616 to park Friday afternoon just as sprinkles began. This is a noisy and dusty place for sure. Started early Saturday morning exploring on the bike. Cruised around on 616, 149, 142, and made a stop to refill water at Pivot Rock Spring. Found a shady spot nearby and slung the hammock for a while, until darker clouds began to roll in. Worked my way back to camp again as sprinkles began.

Gravel Bike summary; no front or rear suspension takes some getting used to on these roads. My phone bounced out of it's mount. The D-fuse seat post wedge started "creaking" and needed to be lubricated during the ride.
The series of (4) smaller bags were able to hold everything I would have put into my 48 Liter backpack for a two night outing. I really like the Blackburn Outpost cages that mount onto the front forks. On those I have (2) 4 liter sil-nylon bags, one with sleeping bag and pillow, the other with tent and hammock. On the rear rack, I have (2) 5 liter dry bags, with room for thin pad on top. This bike came with front fork racks also, for mounting panniers. Although doubling my carrying capacity, the under the seat dual water bottle holder would be fine on a smoother route, but vibrated too much with full bottles here. Drop down bars are a WINNER.
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Named place
Pivot Rock Spring
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