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mini location map2021-07-11
12 by photographer avatarjillyonanadventure
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Maxwell Trail #37Payson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 11 2021
Hiking2.76 Miles 929 AEG
Hiking2.76 Miles   2 Hrs   23 Mns   1.27 mph
929 ft AEG      13 Mns Break
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Was craving some solitude so I headed up North on Saturday to set up camp near WCC. I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to hike, so I just picked a spot in the general area near a couple of routes I’d been interested in.

I was having a blast driving around some back roads I’d never even noticed before. Soon, the skies started looking a bit questionable. I realized I needed to find a good camp option ASAP to brace for the storm. Given I was solo, I wanted to play it safe and a “danger, vehicle damaging hail” alert had just came through… :scared: I try to be so independent but I also don’t want to die, so I texted a knowledgeable friend to get some reassurance about best places to camp. I chose a meadow area where I was nestled under a cluster of nice trees. Basically as soon as I got camp set up, the sky erupted and the hail was coming down HARD! I honestly thought it was going to break the windows in my vehicle it was so loud. I waited the storm out in the back of my 4Runner; despite it being pretty scary, it was rather beautiful to see. When the storm quieted, I went outside and was shocked about the amount of hail and the size of it! The rest of the night was a bit uneventful thankfully.

When I woke up, I took a short walk to check out the road. It was completely muddy and I was a bit nervous. I opted for maxwell trail as I’m familiar with the area and felt good about being able to complete that hike before any additional storms came in.

Getting to maxwell TH was quite the adventure! The roads were super muddy and rutted. I don’t have too much experience driving in thick mud, so I slapped Tessa into 4Low and hoped for the best. She handled all that mud like a champ and I had a blast driving through it!

I had the whole trail to myself which was awesome. The humidity was out of control and the trail was a bit muddy, so my pace was pretty slow and careful given there was no one else out there. I made it down to my favorite rock and took a nice long break enjoying the scenery. The water level was definitely lower than any prior visits and had tons of algae, but still beautiful per usual.

After my break I set out for the climb up. I heard some animal noises and decided to play some music to ease my mind. I made it up to the top before any bad weather started, woohoo! The road hadn’t dried up much so it was a fun, wet ride out. This was the perfect little solo adventure reset to get me ready to tackle the week ahead!
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Named place
West Clear Creek Canyon
Restless between adventures...
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