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9843c, AZ
mini location map2021-08-22
2 by photographer avatarrcorfman
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9843c, AZ 
9843c, AZ
Hiking2.82 Miles 361 AEG
Hiking2.82 Miles   1 Hour   42 Mns   3.02 mph
361 ft AEG      46 Mns Break
1st trip
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Yesterday was International Geocaching Day, so I decided to take my dual sport motorcycle out for the weekend for a bunch of geocaching. I ended up camping right off FS 95A at the Upper Graver Wash Trail #9906 trailhead so I could find my main geocaching target for the weekend Sunday morning.

That night, while eating and reading, I heard a noise, looked up and saw a javelina maybe 10' from me, probably less. I shooed it away and then another showed up maybe 10 yards away. After some yelling, I was able to shoo it away too. I woke up a couple times during the night smelling javelina. I guess they like this spot.

I thought trail #9906 continued the way I went, but the map shows it as trail 9843C. At the start, near a corral, I missed the trail and ended up wandering around for a bit before I caught it again. The trail is an old road from the first corral to another at Hude Creek. Along the way there is an old crib with a shed for storing what was put in the crib. I assume salt, but what do I know?

The trail was easy enough to follow as it's an old road to get to the abandoned corral. It's fading away though and is just single track in places and overgrown and washed out in others.

For my route, I edited out the part of my track where I was off the trail to find the geocaches I went to.
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