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Buckhorn Mountains Hi Pt 4565
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mini location map2022-01-01
6 by photographer avatarrcorfman
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Buckhorn Mountains Hi Pt 4565Prescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking7.95 Miles 2,737 AEG
Hiking7.95 Miles   5 Hrs   22 Mns   1.55 mph
2,737 ft AEG      15 Mns Break
1st trip
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Happy New Year! I got a late start due to too much celebrating into the wee hours this morning. Shots of tequila, beer, and champagne will do that. Supposedly hiking uphill helps metabolize any lingering side effects from partying, so this was the perfect peak to chase after, especially since geocache was recently hidden there. It didn't disappoint, with lots of steep ascents.

This took way longer than I anticipated. I figured four hours max, but I was out for over five, including a side trip near the end to find a geocache at the Big Reef Mill. Going over and down that first ridge after leaving the trail was slow going. At one point, I was debating whether I had enough daylight as progress had slowed quite a lot. Thankfully the return was much quicker as I had a much better idea how to attack each section.

I must say the views from the peak were outstanding. It really was a blue-ribbon day with the sky finally being clear after a week of overcast and rain.

From parking, the route follows an old road which turns into a dirt bike trail, with very steep sections. How anyone is able to ride it is a mystery to me. From a saddle the route veers off the trail to climb peak 4378 (at least that's what I did) and is all off trail from there. I returned the same way.
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