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AZT Bushnell Tanks Little Daisy, AZ
mini location map2021-11-06
11 by photographer avatarrcorfman
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AZT Bushnell Tanks Little Daisy, AZ 
AZT Bushnell Tanks Little Daisy, AZ
Hiking14.61 Miles 2,101 AEG
Hiking14.61 Miles   6 Hrs   43 Mns   2.33 mph
2,101 ft AEG      27 Mns Break
1st trip
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This ended up being a long day of hiking and geocaching. It all started with a new geocache being published along the AZT a bit south of where it crosses Sycamore Creek. There were some other caches I wanted to find off of the old road to Bushnell Tanks so I planned my route.

I parked at the Bushnell Tanks trailhead just past Sunflower off of Hwy 87. I took the AZT connector trail off the road to the AZT. I always find that confusing along the creek, but this time it worked out okay for me.

After crossing Sycamore Creek, I followed some flagging on what I thought was the AZT. I think the trail is going to be rerouted through here and I was on the new route, not the AZT. Shortly the catclaw became much more than a nuisance, so I left the flagged route and worked my way back towards the AZT. It was a relief once I finally made it back on trail where it shortly met up with the flagging and then I had some nice just maintained tread to enjoy.

After finding the geocache, I continued heading south to where I planned on heading NE on an old road. It's really difficult to see so I walked past it quite a ways before turning back. For those familiar, there is a gulch next to the trail with several wrecked cars in it. The road I wanted to take is just to the north of those cars (they had to get there somehow).

About the only remains of the road is where it was cut into the side of the hill. That and the erosion it caused in the form of deep ditches, some parts maybe 10' deep. The grass is tall but it wasn't bad working my way up the hill along the road. As I was halfway up, I noticed a group of maybe ten people at the top. It was a church youth group out exploring. The road coming up from the Bushnell tanks side was in better condition and easily seen.

Once over the hill I turned up to Bushnell Tanks. Bushnell tanks used to be a busy place back in the days of AZ shepherding. The walking along the road is nice, only hikers, horses, and bicycles are allowed these days.

After looking around Bushnell Tanks, I headed back towards the trailhead, but detoured up to Little Daisy Mine. The route follows the old road to it which is disappearing over time and had several deep ditches eroded out along the way. It was actually a pretty enjoyable walk to it with nice views of the surrounding area, including Mt. Ord.

After a few minutes at Little Daisy Mine, I headed back to my truck, finding a few more geocaches along the way.
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