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King of wings, NM
mini location map2022-03-19
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King of wings, NM 
King of wings, NM
Hiking3.12 Miles 260 AEG
Hiking3.12 Miles   3 Hrs   2 Mns   1.45 mph
260 ft AEG      53 Mns Break
1st trip
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Next up to start off day 2 in the badlands, we set out to hike to the King of Wings aka Momo’s Wing. One thing to note on this one is that the parking/start of the “trail” was a bit of a challenge to find. There are no trailhead signs in the majority of the Bisti wilderness so we had everything pinned and downloaded offline. It initially said we’d arrived at the start when we were in the middle of the road with no place to park, so we kept going. The next parking opportunity according to the map was a bit far from the start as well, so we kept driving and finally found a decent start place. It was confusing as there was a fence you needed to climb under to get to the start.

The maps we had indicated you could make a loop to see the green lichen valley on the way to the king of wings, so we opted to try that option out. It really looks like you’re in the middle of nowhere as there are no rock formations at all in sight for the beginning portion of the hike. We just chose the paths of least resistance and made our way toward our targets. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you spend too much time looking at the map so best to just check from time to time to make sure you don’t get too far off track. Although there wasn’t a lot of AEG in this hike, the terrain was more unstable than other areas we had hiked in. There were frequent small rolling hills/valleys to navigate over/around.

Soon we arrived in green lichen valley and that was cool to see. There were so many colorful rocks scattered around the lichen which was unique as well! At this point, you’re still only seeing desert terrain but once we climbed up and over a hill, we finally saw something more promising! We continued on and reached an area with a bunch of interesting hoodoos and rock formations and soon could see our destination a short ways ahead.

King of wings was such a cool rock formation unlike anything I’ve ever seen! We took a long break here for snacks and photos and just admiring the geology of the area. There was a cool alien face rock just around the corner that I really enjoyed as well.

It was time to start hiking back to the vehicles and there was a “trail” marked on our maps, but we really only caught small sections of things more like a rough path. The type of sand out in this area turns into a sticky muck when damp so highly advisable to avoid that when possible. Charity went ahead and scoped out the most healing ankle friendly path, which was much appreciated! We finally saw the vehicles and were pretty happy about that.

Although it’s not a long hike, there is a lot of completely exposed sandy/mucky terrain to get to the main event, so it’s a bit of a slog with a nice reward. We had a refuel break at the vehicles before heading to our next hike that afternoon. I’d say this one is worth it if you have the time and energy and to maybe skip the loop and go right to the main event if you are short on either.
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