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Perry Mesa Glyphs, AZ
mini location map2022-04-03
18 by photographer avatarjillyonanadventure
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Perry Mesa Glyphs, AZ 
Perry Mesa Glyphs, AZ
Hiking1.53 Miles 156 AEG
Hiking1.53 Miles
156 ft AEG
1st trip
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I was reading my seldom seen ruins book and came across a destination that really intrigued me! I haven’t done too much exploring in this overall area other than badger springs, so I figured I’d give it a shot. My hope was to find the elusive red deer petroglyph!

I honestly didn’t know how long my hike was going to end up being as the book described the road getting really bad at a point. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find the red deer and wasn’t in the mood for a timeline, so I did this one solo.

Turns out the road was way easier than anticipated. I drove way past the suggested parking in the book and started getting way too close to the pin, so I finally just parked. It did get bumpy and rocky towards the end, but it was nothing too technical at all.

I walked the road for a bit then arrived at a mesa type area with a bunch of smaller rock walls surrounding the site. The petroglyphs are on the walls below the Mesa, so there was a bit of climbing/scrambling involved to be able to see them. I heard a rattle coming from one of the rock clusters early on, so I was moving around slowly and carefully when viewing the different petroglyphs.

There were so many unique petroglyphs everywhere and I enjoyed seeing all of them! Tons of deer and bighorn sheep all around plus a good amount of pottery scattered around. I hadn’t seen the red deer yet, so I consulted my pin and got myself over to the general area of that particular glyph. I was looking around for a while and finally saw one solo faded red deer, but it wasn’t the exact one I was hoping to see. It was getting really hot out so I took a break in the shade to have a snack. I told myself that I’d just need to call it and come back a different time. I’m sitting there eating my apple feeling a tad defeated and I look up and there it was! Just a tad higher than my spot, but over in a precarious area that looked tough to get to. I took a couple of photos from my snack spot and then aimed to get a tad closer. I tried a couple of different approaches but there was either really nothing to grab on to, or there were cacti bombs directly in the path. It was so bright in person, and just super unique of a color! I’m actually glad it’s located there, as I’m sure it helps protect the vibrant color.

It was very satisfying to find those unique petroglyphs; something about the thrill of the research then the hunt that really makes it fun! On the way out, I checked out the Mesa a bit more and spotted what I think were some additional dwellings across the way. There was also a ton of pottery shards on one particular rock that caught my eye. My hike ended up being a lot shorter than anticipated since I drove further, but I wasn’t able to tack on any of the additional places in the area as it was just too hot by that time and I’d forgotten sunscreen…oops! There’s definitely a lot more in this area that I’d like to explore! I didn’t see a soul the entire day after I drove past the agua fria boundary and prior to that it was only a few ATV’s and people camping. Great day to be outside exploring a new to me area!
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