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Wolf Creek - Figure Eight Loop
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mini location map2022-06-11
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Wolf Creek - Figure Eight LoopPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking8.88 Miles 1,263 AEG
Hiking8.88 Miles   3 Hrs   47 Mns   2.35 mph
1,263 ft AEG
1st trip
Partners none no partners
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The Wolf Creek - Figure Eight Loop is a combination of Horse Camp Loop Trail #383 and Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384. Horse Camp Loop Trail #383 starts a few feet from Senator Highway at the entrance to Groom Creek Horse Camp. Parking is available across Senator Highway at the Groom Creek Loop Trailhead and along Camp Wamatochick Road at the north head of the parking lot. 100-200 feet of Road 9708G connect the two loop trails at 1.93 miles hiking counterclockwise.

At 8.88 miles, the recorded route is longer than Official Guide and I think it's not just due to missing turns. I took both loops counterclockwise which worked out well for me, because the steepest sections were uphill which may be more tiring, but safer. I carry (most of the time horizontally) trekking poles at the request of my doctor to minimize falling on steep downhills with loose gravel underfoot. I only needed them a few times hiking counterclockwise, but probably would have needed them a lot more hiking the loops clockwise. The downside to hiking the loops counterclockwise is that some of the signs are easier to see if you are hiking the loops clockwise.

Both trails are shaded by widely spaced Ponderosa pines with oaks and junipers mixed in and what may have been cottonwoods closer to the Hassayampa River and creeks. After about couple tenths of Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384, the trees became even more open and provided views of mountains to south and west (see photo). At the southernmost point of Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384, along the Hassayampa River, is the loveliest campsite I have seen in the Prescott National Forest with lots of cleared ground, a stone fire ring and logs for seating (see photo).

There are more roads and trails in the area than shown on the topographical map and the recorded route only has a few of the intersections. One of the few trails/roads that is marked is Forest Road 74A to Payoff Spring on Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384.

On the return to Horse Camp Loop Trail #383 from Wolf Creek Loop Trail #384, I turned off on one of the many unmarked roads shortly before reaching Horse Camp Loop Trail #383. Rather than backtrack, after noticing that I was south of Horse Camp Loop Trail #383 according to the Route Scout app, I kept taking the left fork at each intersection, until I hit Horse Camp Loop Trail #383. As noted above, there are many other roads and trails in the area, so it would be easy to create your own loop and hike farther, or possibly reduce the length of the hike.

Although the trails are near campgrounds, I only saw one other person (apparently a camper, dressed only in running shorts and footwear) and heard one motor vehicle that was quieter than usual.
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