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Coco 105, AZ
mini location map2022-10-03
26 by photographer avatarALMAL
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Coco 105, AZ 
Coco 105, AZ
Mtn Biking105.00 Miles
Mtn Biking105.00 Miles3 Days   2 Hrs   15 Mns   
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Something different this time. Parked at the Chevron in Camp Verde I-17 and 260. Was picked up by Groome transportation, took me and my bike (in a box) to Flagstaff and dropped me off at my hotel for the night. Only $47, thought that was a good deal. The bike box was free, thanks Global Bikes. Assembled and loaded everything on the bike that evening. Next day I left the empty box by the hotel dumpster and headed for the AZT south off S. Babbitt dr. Way too wet to ride the AZT, I was warned about Anderson Mesa by another rider. I detoured to Lake Mary road instead and rode out to Double Springs, camped nearby. The host there sells firewood and ice. Campsite 7 is really nice.
Next day the plan was ride to Sedona via, FR240 (pleasant), to FR228 (jacked and muddy), to FR226 (smooth), turning into Schnebly Hill road. Continued on and eventually down Schnebly Hill. Terrible shape, but downhill on the MTB was no problem. Passed 7 pink jeeps on the descent. Camped nearby.
Next day after coffee and supplies, headed south on 179 to Verde Valley School road, then west towards Oak creek. I was able to cross near Red Rock but signs of recent flash flooding were evident. I found my way out to Red Rock Loop and followed to the second crossing of Lime Kiln trail. I took a left on LK trail. This trail is rocky, loose, rutted, steep, and a little muddy to boot. I would not ride this trail again. Numerous unmarked off shoots made it somewhat confusing. Where the trail goes under 89 the mud was a foot deep, had to run through it to keep the bike from sinking. The next portion of LK trail also sucks, rough on a loaded MTB. Very rutted, over-grown, unmarked, and plenty of hike a bike along the way. Finally made it to Dead Horse Ranch SP for a third night of camping. Very little shade in the tent camping area.
Next day, the ride into and through Cottonwood was easy, and the ride along 260 down to Camp Verde had just enough rolling hills to break another good sweat. The shoulder is over-sized most of the way except for the roundabouts. The last 2.5 miles there is a sidewalk/path as well. Besides roadside debris, this section was not too bad and only lasted 90 minutes. My car was right where I left it 4 days earlier in front of the Wendy's. I'm told short term parking here is common. All in all, I would skip the Lime Kiln trail next time, but I really enjoyed the Lake Mary, Mormon Lake area gravel roads. I hope the Mormon lake lodge is open next time for dinner.
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