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Perry Mesa, AZ
mini location map2022-12-18
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Perry Mesa, AZ 
Perry Mesa, AZ
Hiking6.50 Miles 452 AEG
Hiking6.50 Miles
452 ft AEG
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A superb day out on the mesa with Larry, the pups and Katie. We did not have an overly definitive plan, but we knew we wanted to revisit a site Katie and I had already been to and to look for some glyphs in the area that I had heard some vague references to, along with another attempt looking for the duck. We ended up never getting around to looking for the duck, but had a memorable day on Perry Mesa none the less.

Our first stop of the day was to check out an area someone had mentioned as being worth checking out. They did not share many specifics and I was not even entirely sure what we were looking for, but I decided we would at least give the area a cursory look. After several minutes of looking around and seeing some prehistoric signs here and there, we came across some pretty superb glyph panels and an intriguing area in general, with signs of terracing, faint structures, several grinding holes sprinkled through out and a light scattering of surface artifacts. After several minutes at the site, we continued on to what was supposed to be our first objective of the day, a large complex of ruins that sits atop of the cliffs of one of Perry Mesa's more dramatic canyons. The ruins and the setting were as intriguing and dramatic as I had remembered. After several minutes of touring the site again and taking in the dramatic views to the west and down canyon, we headed back to the vehicles.

After getting back to our vehicles, we headed down the road a little further towards the Perry Tank Windmill to see the area for a first time and look around. We did not quite make the windmill, but we did do a little 1.5 mile off trail loop in the area that yielded some pretty nice glyphs and some other signs of prehistoric occupation.
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