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Crumpled Bikini-top, AZ
mini location map2023-02-25
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Crumpled Bikini-top, AZ 
Crumpled Bikini-top, AZ
Hiking15.92 Miles 4,029 AEG
Hiking15.92 Miles   4 Hrs   29 Mns   3.65 mph
4,029 ft AEG      7 Mns Break
1st trip
I have been looking for a South Mountain workout route that would give me as much elevation as possible. I stumbled over Pseudalpine's "Crumpled Bikini-top" route a couple weeks back and thought it fit the bill. Thanks for the route.

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I don't know of a better way to pick up 4K at South Mountain. Up Marcos De Niza, down San Gabriel Ridge, up Young Man, down Old Man, up Corona De Loma, etc..

Great day overall. Temps are still low enough to where you don't need a lot of water. Very few people outside of the Marcos De Niza sections. I tried to jog where possible.

I keep having discrepancies between my routes in Garmin Connect and Hike AZ. Garmin Connect shows 16.01 miles and 4806 total ascent. Not sure what is up with that. I might need to recalibrate my device.
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