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mini location map2021-04-16
19 by photographer avatar00blackout
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Tony's BackyardGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 16 2021
Hiking9.50 Miles 922 AEG
Hiking9.50 Miles   6 Hrs   27 Mns   1.71 mph
922 ft AEG      54 Mns Break
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Had the day off Friday so with mother nature blessing us with one last weekend of nice weather, I headed out east over to Tony's Backyard. I attempted this hike earlier this year, but fell and put a big gush in my knee so I wasn't able to finish it. Dropped down into the upper portion of Haunted Canyon and followed the creek the entire way. A couple small sections of actual trail, otherwise its a boulder hop the whole way. Made a stop at the ranch, which I had to myself then continued up to the Bull Basin intersection. Started the hike back out and did a little exploring. A nice day with temps in the low 60's and a nice breeze most of the day. Saw not another person the entire day, which is perfect.

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