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Aravaipa Canyon
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mini location map2012-05-31
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Aravaipa CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Backpack avatar May 31 2012
Backpack11.00 Miles 200 AEG
Backpack11.00 Miles2 Days         
200 ft AEG31 LBS Pack
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When Brian found out how much I liked Water Hikes, he told me that Aravaipa had to be on my list. He told me that it would be best to do it as a Backpack Trip so you had plenty of time to play. So it went on the List, but would have to wait until I could get more equipment. Well, I got a little more equipment and since this would be my 1st Backpack Trip, Brian offered to take me, since he was familiar with it. :y:

Had it planned for almost 2 months and the time finally arrived!!! This would be a Trip of 1st times for me and since occassionally things happen in "Threes", I would have three "1st's" on this Trip...Two were a given, my first time into Aravaipa, my first Backpack Trip ever, and third, well, let's just say that the Arizona Fauna gave me a proper initiation for Backpacking in the Desert Wilds... :sweat:

I bought this Z40 pack at Xmas with the thought that it would still be small enough to do day hikes with, but large enough to possibly do overnights with. Well it worked out, but that pack was stuffed full to the gills. I definitely tested out all of the seams and straps on this trip... :sweat: The funny part is, that fully loaded, this pack probably only weighed about 6 lbs more than it did when I took the New Year's Day celebratory treats up to the Peak at Picketpost.... :sweat: And yes, jj3, the difference was the kitchen sink... :sl: Of course, the bigger difference was that I was not hauling it all up to a Peak with tons of scrambling involved.... :sweat:

Day 1: I picked Brian up fairly early as we knew it was going to be pretty warm, and we got to the TH in good time. Got started on the Trail and of course, fairly soon after, the Photo Shoot began. Thank God I hike with awesomely patient and understanding people, most of whom now know what to expect.... :) And Brian definitely expected a short Hike made into a long Trek, but was an enthusiastic participant, especially when we came to a nice swimming hole! :D And after probably 100 pics and the swimming, we eventually made it to our camping spot just short of Horse Camp Canyon. Awesome site next to the Creek and it looked like we were going to have the place to ourselves... :) Got to the Camp Site, set up, and then relaxed for a while in the shade and in the Creek. By then, it was a little too warm for our tastes to do much else, but it did feel good to just relax... :)

Backtracked a little bit later, after dinner, to some awesome Swimming holes and just enjoyed the cool water for awhile. Got back to camp after more Pics of the late Afternoon/Sunset Light in the Canyon. The Moon was almost full, so after it came out, we sat by the Creek enjoying the stars and moonlight, indulging in the now thawed out, but still cold, Margueritas that Brian brought with... :D Pretty much had the Canyon to ourselves, except for one other Backpack party that arrived a couple of hours after we did and camped downstream a little ways from us. Finally hit the sack and became unconscious for awhile, but it was not to last...

Day 2: Today started waaayyy too early for my tastes... :sweat: 12:30 A.M. to be exact...Woke up to something crawling up my leg and when I went to swipe it off, I got bit/stung on the leg!!! :o It flippin' hurt and immediately I grabbed for my flashlight, hoping it wasn't what I thought it might be. I had been extremely careful with putting stuff in the tent right away before the creepy crawlies had a chance to jump on, but apparently somehow, I was not careful enough. I couldn't see anything when I lit up the tent, but as I moved my light fleece cover, aka sleeping bag, I flippin' got stung again on the
finger!!! :o And it hurt worse than my leg, but this time I saw the little m***** pumpkin and yep, it was a Bark Scorpion!!! By now, Brian had heard all of the OW's and expletives coming from my tent and was at the door wondering what the h*** was happening....Of course, after the little pumpkin had stung me again, it immediately disappeared, leaving me in some pain and wondering where in the h*** that little pumpkin went. :scared: All I knew was that it was still in the tent, so one by one, Brian and I very gingerly checked out everything in the tent and then put the stuff on top of the outside. Could not find that little s*** anywhere.... Brian told me later that he was beginning to wonder if I was just a little bit crazy or something... :sweat: But then, the very last thing to come out, yep, my little fleece sleeping bag got checked over and was dragged halfway out of the door, when I spotted that little sucker on the floor of the tent. Brian grabbed a stick and proceeded to basically harpoon the little pumpkin and got it out of the tent!!! Whew! For once, I really didn't care about something getting killed... : rambo : Thanks Brian!!!! You Rock!!! :kf:

Now, the fun part!!! I had no idea how I would react physically since this was a first for me. (And a second, I guess... :roll: ) But I knew that I was not allergic to Bee or Wasp stings, so I was hoping for the best. I had read that if you aren't reactive, a Scorpion Sting can be just as much of a nuisance sting as either of those, albeit maybe a little more painful. Both the leg and finger were hurting pretty good, but judging painwise, I would say that the leg was probably a glancing sting, if there is such a thing, but the finger, I think he pretty much nailed!!! :cry: So, we applied a little first aid, and then sat up for a little bit, just to see how things went. After about an hour, I was confident that I wasn't going to have any kind of adverse reaction. I had some tingling in my finger and hand, but there was no swelling and I wasn't feeling sick at all. Just painful at this point. We were both pretty exhausted by this time, probably partly from an adrenalin crash, and finally hit the sack again after putting my tent back together.... :sweat: Pretty much was unconscious the rest of the night, arising at about sunrise....

Felt good upon getting up, couldn't even feel the leg sting any more. The finger still had a little tingling, but that was all, and it wasn't even sore, so I was more than happy at that point. Just glad that that one individual incident didn't come in "threes", twice was enough!!! : rambo :

Had some breakfast, got woke up, and then packed up camp. Brian had never been past this point either, so we left the packs and just took a little jaunt further up the Canyon. Went up to the beginning of Horse Camp Canyon, but left that exploration for another trip. We both knew how hot it was going to be today, so wanted to get started and get back to the car before it was too hot. And it did get pretty hot. Still enjoyed the Hike out immensely, managed to take some more pictures on the way out, and soaked in the Creek a few times for relief. Finally got back to the car after the little scorching climb out...Passed several parties going in, but it was not too busy....

Yep, this Canyon is definitely on the repeat and repeat again list. Beautiful area, pristine water, and lots to see and do. Saw several different species of Lizards, including some very colorful Greater Earless, Zebra-tailed, and Whiptails. Lots of Big Squirrels, Bats, and tons of different species of Birds, including at least 2 different Bald Eagles, one of which was a juvenile....Several different things blooming right now, including several "weed" varieties, right Brian??? :sl:

In spite of the 2 Fauna initiation setbacks, :sweat: it was a very cool Trip... I have seen plenty of Scorpions in my day, but have never had the pleasure of the "up close and personal" experience before.... :x I could probably do without repeating that experience on my next Aravaipa trip!!! :yuck:

Awesome Hike, Awesome First Backpack, Awesome Company! What else can you possibly say??? :y:
Thanks Brian for helping me make this 1st Backpack a huge success!!! :DANCE:
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