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Bell Trail to the Crack - Wet Beaver Creek
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mini location map2013-07-15
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Bell Trail to the Crack - Wet Beaver CreekCamp Verde, AZ
Camp Verde, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 15 2013
Hiking7.75 Miles 550 AEG
Hiking7.75 Miles
550 ft AEG
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Been wanting to do this one before next week to check out the area...Plans changed for next week, but I still wanted to go see it and become familiar for the future...I knew Kelly liked Water Hikes and since there was no way I was doing this one on a weekend, I scheduled it for a Monday so she could go... :y:

We decided to get an earlier start than last time, so we could hopefully get back a little earlier, but even with the earlier start, there was so much to see and do that we still ended up getting back later than planned... :lol:

A couple of cars in the Parking Lot when we arrived, but we had the place to ourselves all the way in...Took a couple of side Trips down to the Creek on the way and enjoyed it immensely, vowing to come back to one of the areas for Swimming on the way out...

About 1 1/2 miles down the Trail, I realized that my left Knee was going to have a pretty bad day...Didn't medicate before the Hike and I've gotten away with that before, but not today...It stiffened up and was pretty sore the rest of the day, really slowing me down...It sucked... ](*,) Note to self...Always Pre-Medicate regardless of how good the Knees feel... ;)I simply cannot afford a stiff, sore, swollen Knee on some of these Hikes... :sk:

Really enjoyed the entire Hike in...The Road/Trail was very smooth in most spots and easy to travel...The Scenery was awesome as always, and with the overcast Skies, it didn't get too Warm, just a little Humid...

Went down to the Crossing first and while I was Photographing it, Kelly went up the Trail a little further...She comes back and says she's found a Rattlesnake, so I followed her and the Photo Shoot was on...Small, young Arizona Black, who stayed very quiet and almost completely still the entire time...He finally got fed up and crawled up the Hill a little bit further...
Finished at the Crossing and then arrived at the Crack!!! And we had the place to ourselves!!! :y: Well, at least for about 20 minutes anyway... ;) I somehow managed to get all of my Photos done before Kelly went swimming. Kelly hadn't been in the Water more than 5 minutes when a huge extended Family showed up...Wow! About 12-15 people with three of them under a year old and none of them probably over 20... :sweat: Complete with a big Stroller... :? It was quite the sight...They immediately spread out all over the Ledges and below, leaving parts of their household laying wherever it happened to fall...The Crack is really cool, but it was time to bail!!! :sweat:

We decided to see if there were any more Swimming Holes further up the Creek and Boulder Hopped about a 1/4 mile further up. We reached a point where we decided that we would have to go quite a bit farther to catch anymore great Pools, and with time not on our side by this point, we turned around...

Got back to the Crack and there were a few more people that had shown up...We stayed on the East End and I finally went Swimming...Water was awesome!!! Nice Ledges for Jumping and Flipping, but I just wasn't up for it today...The Knee was kind of starting to scream a bit louder, even with doses of Ibuprofen... :sk:

Time to go and we started the Hike back out, stopping to get more Photos...The Sun had come out for a bit and it was pretty warm...We stopped back by our little Oasis and had fun in the Pools and the little Water Slide dumping into one of them... :D And then it was back to the Escape for the Trip home...

This area was everything I hoped it would be...Beautiful Scenery, Awesome Creek, and some type of Fauna everywhere you turned :D ...We also saw a lot of Spots that begged to be explored further, so I'm fairly positive that this will be a regular, Annual Trip, at the very least...Somehow, I don't think Kelly will have to be convinced either... :lol: Someday, I want to see the whole Creek, like I've done at Horton, but from what I've seen so far, it's going to be a bit more difficult than Horton was... :sweat:

Soooo glad I took the good Camera...Over 200 Photos...I think I did pretty good narrowing it down to 30... :sweat:

Thanks for joining me Kelly, it was a very good Day!!! : app :
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Named place
Wet Beaver Creek

dry Casner Canyon Dry Dry
Dry at the Bell Trail Crossing...

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From Bell Trail TH to the Crack....
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