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Christopher Creek Gorge
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mini location map2013-08-24
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Christopher Creek GorgePayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Canyoneering avatar Aug 24 2013
Canyoneering1.60 Miles 500 AEG
Canyoneering1.60 Miles
500 ft AEG
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Quite the Trip! Scenic Driving in the Rain, a little disappointment, followed by some "Mudding", a little "Break" in the middle of FR144, another Scenic Drive, some Technical Canyoneering in a very cool Gorge, followed by an "oops" moment just before the Exit, followed by a great Dinner with good friends that was almost interrupted by a Bar Brawl, followed by another Scenic Drive home...LOL! Does it get any better than that???? :sl: :y:

Ok, where to start...The Plan...Shamrock Canyon in WCC...Unfortunately, I didn't pay close enough attention to a recent Triplog and Photoset, or else the Original Plan would have been scrapped and there would have been a Plan B before we ever left the Driveway... ](*,) Got up in the wee hours to serious Lightning all around...Figured I would get a Phone call but it never came, so I left, picked up Scott and met up with Ken and Mike in the NW Valley...It was dark and rainy still...

Mike drove us all up, through the Rain, to Camp Verde, while we debated whether we were nuts for even thinking that this Trip was even going to be feasible with the Weather...(Ken stayed eternally optimistic... :lol: )The Rim from Camp Verde actually looked better, so we continued up and onto the Forest Roads...Our first clue, that something wasn't quite right, should have been that everyone was Camped almost literally, on the Road, on FR144 and FR142. We started seeing barricades at every turnoff...We got to our Turnoff on FR142F and there was another one...Apparently the Lightning-caused Egypt Fire was now being managed as a "Controlled Burn" and most of the WCC area is now closed... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7861&start=0

Came up with Plan B and we were off again...Mike likes to play in the Mud with his Truck, so we rolled down the Forest Roads hitting all the Mud Puddles... :D Ken started goading him from the back seat and Mike decided to "show" him and went out of his way to hit another big puddle...Except, it was deep and mainly Water, which promptly got into his Air Intake, shutting down the Truck.... :sl: It was kind of Ironic, as it almost turned into a Deja Vu moment for a couple of us in the Vehicle...Uh huh...Boys will be Boys... :sl: So we took an unscheduled Break until it dried out, and then we were off again... :D

After another Scenic Drive, we arrived at the start for the Gorge...Went up, then down into Christopher Creek...Scott had never been here, so we went upstream to a cool Pool with a Water Slide and let him play for a few minutes, then got down to the Trek downstream....What a Beautiful Area!!! It may not be a Slot Canyon, but man, it was great!!! The Pink Granite was incredible with Waterfalls galore...The Water wasn't clear unfortunately, but I expected that, with the Monsoon Season...It really didn't take away from the Beauty of the area though!!! The Rappels were great too! Got to do a "Free" Rappel for the first time, even though it was only about 7 feet of "Free"...Doing much better on awkward starts, thanks to a great Team and Coaching...I was really happy with how I did on this day! Too bad my Scrambling ended up sucking... :sl:

Took a Break after the last Rappel, just before the Exit out. Dropped Gear and I almost took off my Helmet too...Leaving it on turned out to be my smartest move all day... :sweat: After the Break, did a bit more Scrambling on the Slick Rock towards the Exit...Was walking on a Ridge of Slick Rock and came to the end, where the others had gone down...They were about 20 yards ahead, across a "Jump"...I said something about the Jump they just did, and something about their long leg advantage in getting off this Ridge...It was a smooth, somewhat steep "slide" of Slick Rock, about 7 feet long, to get to the bottom...And then I pulled a Dumb Blonde move...Instead of turning around and walking down it backwards with my grippy Boots, I elected to slide down it on my butt, not taking into account that I don't have C4 Rubber on my A**, and my A** was wet...I took that Slide about 10 MPH faster than I intended and when my foot hit a small rock Outcrop at the bottom, it stopped, but the rest of me did not... :sweat: I can honestly say, that this is the first "Tumble" I have ever taken...I have fallen on my A**, my Knees, and my Face, but I have never "Tumbled"... :o :sweat: And I made sure it was a good one...The Guys said I did a Cartwheel. (Woohoo, my first ever while Hiking! :sweat: ) And I wasn't just Tumbling, I was tumbling down a Slick Rock Slope towards a Crevice, with no hope of stopping. And the Crevice was of unknown depth at that moment...It all happened very very fast....My one thought as I approached the Lip of the Crevice? "S***, this is probably gonna hurt"... :sl: I tumbled about 20 feet and landed in the Crevice sideways, with my Body and Head bringing me to an abrupt stop when they hit the opposite wall...Turns out, the Crevice had "shallowed out" at that end, and I only dropped a little over a foot... :sweat: The Helmet, that I had almost taken off at the Break 10 minutes earlier, did it's job and with the exception of banging my Kneecap pretty hard on the Rock, I was fine, with a huge Spike of adrenalin coursing through...The Guys, after seeing the first "Cartwheel", had jumped back over the Gap, and were there in seconds... :thanx: After laying there for a minute or two waiting for the initial Pain from the Knee Slam to go away, I slowly got up and shortly thereafter, we continued on our way...The "Jump" wasn't happening, but with the assistance of all three of the Guys, I got across...My Confidence kind of took a Dump from that point on, but the Guys were awesome and assisted whenever I reached a tentative Spot...Their patience was above Phenomenal!!! I just can't say enough good things about this Team! : app : :budrose: :kf: :worthy:

And then, with some more Hiking, we were up and out...Stopped in Payson for Dinner and almost had a Bar Brawl start within 10 feet of our Table...Luckily, it didn't come to Blows, and abated, while we continued to Laugh the Day away...Went home via 87 and then all the way back across town to the NW side where everybody's Vehicles were located.... :sweat:

Photos and Video: Thankfully, my Camera is none the worse for wear in spite of my mishap, which is actually amazing...It's in a small padded case that I keep clipped to my front shoulder strap, so I know it hit the Ground several times... :sweat: Here's a quickie video of Scott enjoying the small Waterslide...It's a small one, but fun, I did it last time I was there....

In spite of the Initial Disappointment of not being able to do Shamrock, and the slightly "scary" moment where I pretended I was a Gymnast, we had a great day! Full of Laughs, Fun, and seeing some great Country! The Clouds broke shortly after we started Rappelling, and it turned out to be a gorgeous Day! Special Thanks to Ken for the Invite, and to Mike for all of that Driving... :sweat: And a HUGE Thanks to all of them for their camaraderie, coaching, patience, assistance, and concern...I am blessed to have such Friends! : app : : app : : app :
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