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Pinto Creek CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 25 2013
Hiking1.50 Miles 75 AEG
Hiking1.50 Miles
75 ft AEG
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After being late for the Prime Foliage last year, I really wanted to get back up there and try to catch it earlier...I was worried that everything "lower" was turning faster this year, but just couldn't get up there before now...Even with the big Storm, I had some optimism that there would still be some Color since I was a full 10 days earlier this Year.... :)

I knew Joe really liked this Area and probably didn't get much of a chance to spend any time the first and last time he was through there, so I invited him to come along for a "meander" and Photoshoot.... :)

I had some apprehension about the Condition of the Road, whether Blevin's Wash was running still from the Storm and also whether the Storm had just wiped out all of the Leaves...Well, 1 out of 3 was true to a certain extent.... ;) I also had a little apprehension about my Knee. It had been feeling pretty good the last few days and although I was probably "pushing" it doing this Hike, I knew I still wanted to go, even if I couldn't do the Whole Thing....I prepared as best I could...I wore a beefed up Wrap and Joe was generous enough to lend me his Wrench Worthy Hiking Poles, :sweat: if I needed them... :sweat:

Joe was worried about Clouds...I delivered, at least on the Drive up...What a great Drive up the Beeline (the long way according to my side seat driver!) Mount Ord, the Mazzies and the Sierra Ancha all had a fresh blanket of Snow with Clouds still beneath the Peaks...We should have stopped for more Photo Ops, but we were anxious to get to Pinto, so we only made one stop... ;)

My Anxiety about the Road and the Wash were for naught. The Road, albeit a little Muddy in places, was fine, and the Wash was as Dry as a Bone....We arrived at the TH and realized that I was going to late again this year for any Color...It appeared to be the same as when I was here before, even though I was later last year...The Trees were just about stripped...Things were not looking good...We started out and the first stop was where the Road crosses the Creek...It was Bone Dry! :o I was actually shocked, as I had researched that this stretch of Pinto Creek was Perennial and it was flowing very well through here last year! Things were going from "eh" to "worse"! Well, we were here, so we were going to try to make the best of it! About 100 Yards from the Crossing, Water started appearing. First, just small Pools, then a little Flow, and then, it became the Creek I knew from the Year before...Whew!!! :sweat:

We had to work a little to get any decent Photos early on...It was pretty barren, but we did what we could with what was there and just enjoyed being out there, on what turned out to be a beautiful Day...The Clouds had all disappeared by the time we got there, but the Sky was a brilliant Blue and the Sun warmed things up nicely... :y:

We proceeded along at a fairly good pace, (considering that we were trying to be in tibbermode), and the farther we got, the more color appeared in places...We soon arrived at the Box...I had not seen the Box yet, as I had turned around at that point last Year, so it was all new to me...It just added more Spice to an Area that I already loved! :D There was a little Color that had somehow managed to survive inside the Box, so we spent quite a bit of Time there...And then the Sun started getting lower and it was time to go...I knew the Lighting would be fantastic among the Trees near the TH, in the Late Afternoon. We made pretty good time on the Return until the last 1/8th Mile or so when things started getting very Photogenic again, with Light and Shadow.... :D

And then it was done...Even with the lack of "Color", we both decided that it had been a good Trip and worth the Drive, so we were pretty happy...After grabbing some Dinner in Tonto Basin, it was Pedal to the Metal for Home... :D

The Knee held up well...I opted to not use Joe's Poles, but I did baby it a little, really taking my Time and being careful with the Boulder Hopping and Scrambling. I didn't take any Ibuprofen all day and it never hurt or swelled...It was a good feeling!

Photos...I had two Cameras with me on this Day...One was a Loaner DSLR, but something happened and it quit about halfway through...I took duplicate Photos with both Cameras before that Point just to compare...I'm only Posting one that I took with the "Big" Camera as it's the only one that I couldn't have gotten with my Point/Shoot...The rest turned out equally well, although I know "quality wise" the Big Camera's Photos would be better for Printing....The Big Camera has some Spots on the Sensor, so I just went with the Photos from my Camera for now...

Apparently next Year, I need to go even earlier in November to catch this Area at it's best, but somehow, even late, this Area begs to be Photographed! It was another Good Trip, and this Time, with Good and always Amusing Company....Thanks Joe.... :D
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foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Light
Mostly done and on the Ground...A few spots here and there....

dry Blevens Wash Dry Dry
At FR242 Crossing

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Pinto Creek Light flow Light flow
Dry at the TH Crossing...But surfaces within 100 Yards and increases in Flow well into the Box....
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