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Charlebois Loop IIPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 16 2013
Backpack21.54 Miles 3,433 AEG
Backpack21.54 Miles3 Days         
3,433 ft AEG40 LBS Pack
 no routes
1st trip
The Master Plan
Alex wanted to do the Charlebois Loop II and check out Trap Canyon for Ruins before continuing on to Charlebois in the Quest for the Master Map....Turns out Mike, Kate and Frankie and possibly Lee were going to be in the area as well and everyone was hoping to meet up at LaBarge Spring. Dave decided to join in the Fun after work on Saturday....

Day 1
The Weather wasn't looking good for Saturday Morning kickoff and as I drove in on Peralta, it really was looking like we might get wet, at least briefly...The Entire Ridgeline was missing, hidden in a large, ominous Cloud....Alex just beat me there and shortly thereafter, two large White Dogs showed up, which could only mean that Lee was there as well...Lee's plan was to Hike in on Bluff Spring Trail, while we had opted to go via Dutchman and Whiskey...

And we were off....The Clouds threatened, but amazingly enough, never unloaded...But the Lighting provided, with the Clouds and the Sunrise breaking through occasionally was pretty darn good...I probably took half of my total Pictures on the first 4 Miles of the Trip...It was nice and cool and we made good time, taking a small break at the Coffee Flat Junction before the uphill began...We got most of the Uphill out of the way and then had to stop for a Photo Op that even Alex couldn't resist.... :D Saw our first Tarantula of the Trip on the way along the Dutchman as well...Next stop was Whiskey Spring...Alex and I debated about where the actual Spring was, as I hadn't found it when I did this area in April...Upon reaching the Flat Portion of the Trail along the Creek, I spotted a small Trail leading down to the Creek and took it with the intent of taking a Break there...Turns out, the Trough for the Spring was 20 feet away... 8)

After the Break we continued on, deciding to Camp the Night at LaBarge with everyone else and backtracking to Trap Canyon the next day on fresher legs...I wasn't doing too badly considering I hadn't done a Backpack since Grand Gulch...My Pack was 10 lbs lighter than I had ever packed, which certainly helped...Was feeling an Arthritic Left Knee, but knew that going in, so I had started an Ibuprofen Regimen to keep the pain to just "annoying".... :sweat: We reached LaBarge in pretty good time after running into a Caravan of Horse and Mule Riders, but no one else was there yet...Lee, his Friend, Cupcake and Blanco showed up soon after that, followed shortly by Frankie, who had never hooked up with Mike and Kate...Lee took off for a bit to go exploring and in a bit, Mike and Kate showed up...Camps were set up and then Dinner, Socializing, and a Campfire commenced...And then Dave made it in, super flying from Peralta to LaBarge in 1.75 hours... :o A low flying Sheriff's Chopper tried to pull us over from Mid Air which seemed a bit odd, and we all had a good laugh about that...Lee and Company showed back up and finished most of the Evening with us. Everyone made plans for the next day, with Alex, Dave and I doubling back to Trap Canyon for most of the Day.... It was a good Day!

Day 2
Got up, said Farewell to Mike, Kate, Frankie, Lee and Co., and got started for Trap...We started a little late, but made the Entrance to Trap in good time and commenced with the Boulder Hopping up the Creek and into the Canyon...Several Cool Alcoves in there and for awhile we continued on up, but it was slow going with a little Bushwacking and almost constant Boulder Hopping and Bouldering. My legs were feeling a little Fatigue from the Day before and I didn't want to keep pushing, so eventually I stopped and just dinked around while Alex and Dave went further up...I leisurely went up a little further behind them, dinked around for awhile more and then casually started back out, taking little breaks here and there to just enjoy....I was almost back out of the Canyon proper when Dave and Alex caught back up to me...They didn't make it all the way to the back, it was just going to take too long, so they had turned around...I know Alex was a little disappointed, but he knew that it just couldn't be done on this Day....It was pretty much determined that the best, most efficient way to do this Canyon would be to try to Camp in it as far as possible and finish it from there...We Boulder Hopped back out and Hiked back to LaBarge...We took a Break and parted ways with Dave who was going to continue on out and head home...Alex and I were going to Hike over to Charlebois, look for the Master Map and Camp there for the Night....

Alex and I made good time over to Charlebois, stopping to look for the Map, using the directions that Lee had given...He couldn't have described the Location any more perfectly than he did...It was right where he said it would be and we found it! After spending a little time there, we retrieved our Packs and continued on to the Spring...Found a Campsite, got set up and headed for the Spring, running into the two guys from Colorado that were Backpacking the same areas...Charlebois is pretty cool, it was my first time there...Lots of Water and the Sycamores were all Peaking with their Autumn Colors....On a nasty side note: A huge Thanks to someone for succeeding in thoroughly turning my Stomach with their "present" at one of the Pools...Someone took a Dump and left a Wrapped Tampon within a Foot of the Water! What the Hell is the Matter with People!!! :o :yuck: : rambo : ](*,) I made sure I took Water from "upstream"...Simply as disgusting as it gets...I hope....

Sometime during this Day, I started to get a little Pain on the outside of my Right Knee...It was a little annoying, but since I didn't remember doing anything to actually "hurt" it, I chalked it up to good old Arthritis, continued my Ibuprofen Regimen, and chose to ignore it...It was on and off again the rest of the Day, but never was bad...My Legs tend to bother me a lot at Night and sometimes it takes quite awhile for them to ease up so I can get comfortable enough to fall asleep...This Night was no different...But it was another good Day!

Day 3
We both got up a little late, broke Camp and headed out...We had determined the Night before that we would go out via Dutchman and Terrapin, so we headed that way...Legs felt good and we made good time all of the Way up to Terrapin Pass...I actually surprised myself a little on the Uphill... :D The Views were spectacular from the Pass...Ran into the Colorado Guys up there and I took a few pictures of them, taking a short Break...

About halfway up to the Pass, the Right Knee started flaring up again, but it was just annoying at that point...That was about to change...As we descended down from the Pass, the annoyance became worse and worse and my Pace slowed considerably...There were more ups and downs before we would reach the Terrapin/Bluff Springs Intersection and the Downhill became more and more difficult and painful...The Knee was starting to refuse to Bend and all of the Strength was going fast...My Pace on the Downhill sections slowed almost to a Crawl with Pain becoming more and more intense...We reached the Final Downhill and could see the Intersection, but I had to stop for a bit as it was becoming too much....Alex actually elected to finish carrying my Pack down the Hill and a little further, and then returning for his... ;)

After the Break, it was a little better and I continued down the Hill to the Intersection and then up the next little Hill. Just that little bit was enough to put the Knee back into full protest...soooo...Alex generously gave up his Hiking Poles and I proceeded to practically use them as Crutches for the rest of the Downhill to the bottom of Barks Canyon...It was very slow going and Alex and I started discussing Options...It was determined that if I had to, I would spend another Night at the Top of Cardiac Hill before trying to descend it...That was the Stretch that I knew would be the biggest Nightmare for me...And I certainly wasn't going to attempt it in the Dark...But before we even got to the bottom of Barks, at one point, I gave up, the Pain was so bad...I dug out the Cell Phone...No Signal, so the only options for me was to sit down and completely give up or try to continue....I continued on at a frustratingly painful Snail's Pace, and we finally made the bottom and the Peralta Rock, where I took a big Break...

I stretched and elevated for awhile and then it seemed that the Pain disappeared, just like that...Just totally weird and I didn't know what to think about what was happening...We started up Barks towards the last Uphill and there was no Pain at all and I could move just fine...Started the Uphill and I was still moving well...Halfway up and I started feeling it again...Got to the Top and it was in full Swing again with no flexibility or strength...But, it was early enough, so I went for Broke with the help of Alex's Poles...If it hadn't been for his Poles, I would have had to descend Cardiac Hill on my A**...But somehow, I slowly but surely got down, stopping at times when things really became almost unbearable.... When I got to the Escape, it was all I could do to keep from breaking down completely, I was so relieved...I haven't had that kind of feeling of Incapacitation in almost 20 Years....That last 3 Miles took us almost 5 Hours I'll bet and I was not a Happy Camper about any of it...I think I gained a few more Gray Hairs... :sk:

Alex....What can I say??? You're not only a good Friend, but an extremely Patient, Understanding, Saint! I couldn't have done it without you and I owe you a Lifetime of something! What a Trooper and a Friend! You were also a Rock!!! And you Rocked!!! I just can't say enough...I will never forget, my Friend.... : app : : app : : app : :kf: :budrose:

And was over...I can honestly say that with the exception of those last 3 Miles, it was a Great Trip! Can't wait for the next one...I think.... :sweat:
Named place
Named place
Buzzards Roost Whiskey Spring
foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Moderate
Near Springs

dry Barks Canyon Dry Dry

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Charlebois Canyon Pools to trickle Pools to trickle

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Charlebois Spring Quart per minute Quart per minute

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max LaBarge Spring Quart per minute Quart per minute

dry Trap Canyon Dry Dry
The Trap Spring shown on the Topo appeared to be Dry, but there was what appeared to be a Seep with a small Pool further up Canyon after the Canyon takes a big bend to the Southeast....

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Trap Canyon Spring Dripping Dripping
The Trap Spring shown on the Topo appeared to be Dry, but there was what appeared to be a Seep with a small Pool further up Canyon after the Canyon takes a big bend to the Southeast....

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Whiskey Spring Dripping Dripping
Not Dripping from Pipe...There is a small Pool in Trough that could be filterable if needed....

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out & proclaiming, "Wow What a Ride!"
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