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Southern Arizona Stuff, AZ
mini location map2014-02-07
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Southern Arizona Stuff, AZ 
Southern Arizona Stuff, AZ
Birding avatar Feb 07 2014
Birding5.00 Miles 400 AEG
Birding5.00 Miles
400 ft AEG
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A Friend of mine who is a Professional Birding Guide was giving a couple of Free Tours back to back and I've been wanting to get out, so this was a perfect opportunity....For some reason, my left Shoulder started stiffening up on me Thursday night, but after a sleepless night, I left Friday Morning at 4 A.M. anyway....This was probably a big mistake on my Part.... :(

The First Birding Tour was going to be at Patagonia Lake State Park at 9 A.M., but my Goal was to get to a certain Spot for Sunrise...The Clouds have been killer down there lately, and I was hoping for some good Sunrise Photos...I arrived at the nick of time, but unfortunately, the Clouds that had been so good almost all the way down, dissipated almost completely by Sunrise.... :( After doing some Photos anyway, I wandered into the Park and dinked around until everyone else got there...It was a good Tour, but tough for me and my Camera as most of the Birds were in the Trees in the Mesquite Bosques and my Camera Zooms and Focuses too slow to capture those Birds very well...It was still a good Tour though with some new Friends met...

After the Tour, I headed to Sonoita in the hopes of seeing some Pronghorn, but they were being elusive today...After about 45 minutes of Scouting the area where they were reported earlier, I left and took the Box Canyon Road over to Florida Canyon...By the time I got there, the Sun was getting low and the Canyon was getting pretty dark already....I hiked about a mile up, saw a few Birds with no chances for Photos, and then headed back down...Saw 3 White-tailed Deer just after leaving the Parking Lot, but it was too dark with too much brush between them and me....

A Sunset looked promising, so I headed over to the Rest Area/Parking Lot at Proctor Road near Madera Canyon...Shot a pretty nice Sunset then headed out to my Camping Spot for the night...I called a Yeti on the Phone to find out that he was working, but he recommended a good place for Dinner in Tucson, so I stopped there...Imagine that, a Yeti recommends a place called The Sasquatch Kitchen.... :sl: Had a really good Burger and TOTS! :y: Finally got to where I was going to Camp at Picacho Peak State Park a little after 9 P.M. The next day's Tour would meet up very close to there and I had a Free Pass, so it was perfect.... I had packed pretty minimally for this Trip and by the time I got there, I was exhausted and it was a bit nippy out...Despite the Fact that my Shoulder stiffness had moved into my Neck, I opted to just crawl in the Back Seat with a Pillow and Blanket, rather than setting up a Bed in the Back...Probably not a good idea either....

Woke up at 4 A.M. to a pretty stiff neck, a sore Throat and a cold Vehicle, didn't have enough Blanket... :( Drove out of the Camping area and warmed up the Car and felt better with some Meds...After Cleaning up, I looked up and realized that the Sky was going to explode with Color so I grabbed my Camera and took off running to find a decent Spot for Photos...After that was done, I drove over to meet the others for the Birding Tour that day at the Santa Cruz Flats... Basically it's the Agricultural Area behind Picacho...Found some fun Birds including quite a few Raptors and had a good time with Friends....The Tour ended about 3 P.M. and I headed for home....By the time I got home, moving the Neck at all was not an Option...Worst Pinched Nerve I've ever had and I ended up having to go in for Treatment...Still Recovering as I write this...

Would I do it again, knowing what I know now??? Of course! I'm an Idiot and a Glutton for Punishment... :sl: It was a great Trip, even though I wasn't really 100% for some of it.... :) Pretty sick of being down and out though...I've been "Down" more than "Out" this Year so far...One more episode like this in the next month or so and I'm just going to go to Bed and skip the rest of 2014...Someone can wake me up for a fresh start next year.... :sweat:
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