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Awa'awaloa via Kolowalu Trail, HI
mini location map2014-03-04
4 by photographer avatarzukerrach
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Awa'awaloa via Kolowalu Trail, HI 
Awa'awaloa via Kolowalu Trail, HI
Hiking avatar Mar 04 2014
Hiking10.14 Miles 2,565 AEG
Hiking10.14 Miles
2,565 ft AEG
1st trip
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Jared had a friend visiting from Australia, who was staying in the same hostel as I downtown, and a willing hiking partner! I had been wanting to hike to the top of Awa'awaloa, but the trailhead for the Wa'ahila Ridge Trail (the normal route up) was a bit far away, and we didn't have time to do the whole thing before sunset. I noticed a little side trail that came off in our direction, and became convinced that we were meant to do this thing.

We set off confidently for the trailhead, only to get sufficiently lost in the 2 miles of neighborhoods between us and the trailhead. An hour later, we happily found ourselves at the trailhead. I warned Luke that I had no idea how long the first trail was ("but it doesn't look too far on this compilation of 2 different maps that I've created")! It ended up being just shy of a mile, but it was quite steep!

Another mile and a half on the Wa'ahila Ridge Trail, and we reached the top! ...and then passed it because we couldn't decide whether we were actually at the top or not. This happens a lot in Hawaii. To me, anyway.

Anyway, the view was amazing! I've done a couple other hikes in this area (on neighboring ridges leading up to different peaks along the Ko'olau Range), but this was the first time it was clear enough to actually see anything. The roads that cross this range go through the mountains in long tunnels, so I had mentally separated the two sides into isolated locations. It was bizarre to suddenly see everything at once and get some real perspective! I'm definitely glad we went when we did! :]
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