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Haleakala National Park Trails
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mini location map2013-05-19
12 by photographer avatarzukerrach
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Haleakala National Park TrailsMaui, HI
Maui, HI
Hiking avatar May 19 2013
Hiking18.60 Miles 3,966 AEG
Hiking18.60 Miles
3,966 ft AEG
1st trip
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This was the only hike on my "must-do" list for Maui-- Jared and I drove up to the Haleakala visitor center around noon to get our overnight permit, where we were quickly informed that "everyone" hikes out of the crater to the lower visitor center (it's at about 7000ft elevation, vs 9700 at the higher one that I had planned to hike out to). After assuring the rangers that we'd be just fine with our planned route, and watching a lengthy "leave no trace" video, we were on our way!

We were met with amazing views right from the start. It had been described to us as being similar to being on the moon, which I whole-heartedly agree with! We took the Sliding Sands (Keonehe'ehe'e) Trail down into the crater, and then took a detour around some cinder cones on the crater floor via the Halemau'u Trail, which eventually reconnected with the Sliding Sands Trail shortly before reaching the Paliku campsite, where we spent the night. There was a ton of fog for most of the hike down, and it was raining on and off the whole time (fun!!). We ended up setting up camp in the rain, which was an adventure! Luckily the folks staying at the cabin nearby were kind enough to let us hang our wet clothes under their porch, and they even tried to dry our shoes next to their oven!

We woke up at around 3am, and managed to spend 3 hours making breakfast/packing up and generally just procrastinating before starting the hike back out. The final ascent was rough but manageable, and we were able to see a lot more than we had seen on the way down, since most of the fog had cleared out. Although it was only 11 when we reached the top, we agreed that most of the items on the agenda for the rest of the day would have to wait for another trip; instead we just stopped at a pineapple winery (yum!), and found a pretty beach to relax (and watch 3 wedding ceremonies) at for the remainder of the afternoon. :]
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