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Zion East Rim Observation & Cable Mtn, UT
mini location map2013-04-27
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Zion East Rim Observation & Cable Mtn, UT 
Zion East Rim Observation & Cable Mtn, UT
Hiking avatar Apr 27 2013
Hiking19.00 Miles 4,500 AEG
Hiking19.00 Miles
4,500 ft AEG
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1st trip
Day 2 in Zion: We decided to start with Observation Point, which was a fun and beautiful hike. It started with many switchbacks, and then flattened out as it led us through a narrow canyon (which was especially gorgeous in the morning light) and then up again via more switchbacks. The views were spectacular, and I was surprised at how quickly we gained elevation. We stopped for a quick snack break at Observation Point, where we discussed our options for the next trail. We ultimately decided to cross down and then back up to the ridge on the other side of the valley (Cable Mountain via the East Rim Trail).

The beginning of the East Rim Trail was awesome-- lots of bright orange rocks, and no visible trail (so lots of cairns!) to follow. This super fun section gave way to your typical switchbacks, which were again totally manageable (especially with all the great views as distraction), and we were at the top in no time. From here, things got pretty boring as we "hiked" 4 miles on a flat trail without much variation in scenery. The trail dipped down as we reached our destination, and the trees parted to reveal a wooden structure overlooking the valley. Angel's Landing looked tiny from up here!

The hike back down was long but easy (it was especially fun running down the switchbacks on the nice sandy portions of the trail)! However, I didn't appreciate the concrete at the very bottom, and my legs were very sore by the time John suggested we stop by Weeping Rock. I begrudgingly agreed, and I'm glad I did-- it was pretty neat! :]
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