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Koko Crater Stairs
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mini location map2013-08-30
7 by photographer avatarzukerrach
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Koko Crater StairsHonolula, HI
Honolula, HI
Hiking avatar Aug 30 2013
Hiking2.41 Miles 1,412 AEG
Hiking2.41 Miles
1,412 ft AEG
1st trip
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First day back on Oahu, I joined Jared and a few other guys from his squadron on a hike up Koko Head. This was a pretty cool hike! It didn't look like much at first, but it was pretty rough: the "trail" is an old railway, with the crossbeams forming steps the whole way up. There was one section where the earth had given way under the beams, so you really had to watch your step to avoid slipping through the foot-wide spaces between each step! It was a steep climb, and I was glad I wasn't wearing heavy plate armor like the guys-- they don't mess around! :D
After catching our breath at the top, Jared and I ventured down a ways on part of the ridge forming the crater. We enjoyed some amazing views of Hanauma Bay before climbing back up and then running back down the railway track. :)
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Hanauma Bay
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