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AZT Passage 17 Trail Maintenance & Campout, AZ
mini location map2014-11-14
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AZT Passage 17 Trail Maintenance & Campout, AZ 
AZT Passage 17 Trail Maintenance & Campout, AZ
Volunteer avatar Nov 14 2014
Volunteer4.00 Miles 500 AEG
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I was excited to be able to do some trail maintenance for a change- I am so busy these days promoting the AZT that I don't get dirty as often as I used to :)

Wendy, India and I drove up to Superior in the AZTmobile and loaded it up with tools and water for the weekend. Dropped Wendy off so she could meet with the hikers that were coming in at night. After getting Los Hermanos to go, we headed to FR 4, Telegraph Canyon Road. I had heard stories about how bad the road was and it lived up to its reputation. Had a run-in with a rock that made the back bumper unhappy :(. The worst part of the road is the Fissure of Death, where a big part of the road is gone and you have to go up on the hillside, the whole truck tilting toward the FOD.

We made it to the campsite and watched a spectacular sunset. We situated ourselves in a spot to catch the backpackers that were coming in. One of the crew, Marcos, came in on a mountain bike.

The group settled in and got their camps set up on a flat area a short distance from the trail on a side road off FR4. Some of the group had LED lights and we had an LED campfire and chatted while waiting for Wendy and her two hikers to get there. We could see the saddle and watched for Wendy's light- finally at 10 pm we saw it and I could relax knowing that all had made it to camp safely. The only downside to camp was the amount of broken glass. I slept in the AZTmobile.

The morning was dewy and after breakfast we split up into three groups to work the trail. We had so many people that my group was able to work the next segment north of Wendy's. It was a perfect day for trailwork and we took revenge on many catclaw and other thorny plants. The rains of the summer had washed out several portions and we repaired the tread. The only hikers we saw all day were a couple that were going to be doing a work event on the trail next weekend. There were quite a few bikes- there was a race called the Picketpost Punisher going on that had a 50-mile and an 81-mile loop that crossed our work area. The last guy that finished the 81 miler didn't finish until 1:30 in the morning!

A full day of trailwork got our appetite going and we returned to camp to find Wendy at the tail end of producing an incredible fajita feast! Wendy's cooking never disappoints and we all gorged ourselves on the tasty meal.

We sat around the fire, telling stories, making s'mores and passing Mango Tango around. Wendy graced us with some Irish ballads- it's always such a treat to hear her beautiful voice. It was around 10:30 when two bikers from the race came into view and it was fun to cheer them on from our camp!

The next morning, the sky looked moody and ominous, but it was an empty threat and cleared up by the time we were ready to pack up and leave. We finished off the last of the trimming and treadwork and the backpackers left to hike back to the trailhead.

Wendy, India, Stoic (Chris)and I packed up the tools and cached a bunch of water in the wash for public use. Chris was nice enough to do an ingenious fix in the field that included the use of zip ties to hold the droopy back corner up. It worked great for the drive out.

We made it back down the road to Superior without incident and stopped at Old Time Pizza for slices, salad and giant vats of the best iced tea in Kearny. It was a memorable work event made even better by the amount of work we were able to accomplish. Big kudos to Wendy for her impeccable planning skills!! : app :
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