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Roger Rock and Old Madera Mine, AZ
mini location map2017-06-08
15 by photographer avatarmarkthurman53
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Roger Rock and Old Madera Mine, AZ 
Roger Rock and Old Madera Mine, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 08 2017
Hiking5.20 Miles 1,871 AEG
Hiking5.20 Miles   2 Hrs   42 Mns   2.23 mph
1,871 ft AEG      22 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
1st trip
Started out at 6:00 AM at the Baldy Super Trail to hike to Rogers Rock and the Old Madera Mine. Before getting to the trail head I ran into a flock (or what ever group of them are called) of turkeys along the road. About 6 hens and one tom. The hens kept on going across the road but the tom started showing off his stuff for me. The more pictures I took the more he performed. There were quite a few turkeys along this hike, didn't always see them but I could hear them.

On this hike I took the Supper trail to the Southern end of the pipeline trail and down to the Old Madera Mine "trail". This trail heads up the creek about 50 yards before the Rogers Rock Trail. Not much to see at the Old madera Mine, all I saw was the Tailings from the mine. The map indicates the mine is up the hill from the tailings but I didn't see anything that looked like a mine. I assumed it might of been filled in.

From the Madera Mine trail I headed across the creek and headed in a direction where I figured Roger Rock would be. I came up on the ridge and headed uphill (South) assuming I would hit Roger Rock (Didn't load up my GPS with the exact location). I climbed for about a third mile along a fairly good trail before figuring it was in the other direction, I turned around and headed back down the trail. I was curious as to where this trail was going but not enough to continue the rather steep climb to find out. (it appears it will connect up with the Four Springs Trail in about a half mile.) On the return trip down this trail I came upon Roger Rock, they were right there are some great views from here. After a short break I headed down to the Pipeline trail and headed north along the Pipeline to the Super Trail. I chose this direction because I remembered the steep climb from the Super Trail on to the Pipeline Trail's southern end and decided not to do it again. I highly recommend this counterclockwise direction if any one is doing a loop hike along these trails.

Was a great day for a hike even if it is June, just have to start early and finish by late morning. The temperature was approaching 90 degrees at 11:00. We got about a quarter inch of rain on the far east side of Tucson yesterday and figured Madera would have gotten more than that but they only got a spattering.
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