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Lockett Meadow Meander, AZ
mini location map2015-07-30
8 by photographer avatarOregon_Hiker
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Lockett Meadow Meander, AZ 
Lockett Meadow Meander, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 30 2015
Hiking3.20 Miles 1,145 AEG
Hiking3.20 Miles   2 Hrs   30 Mns   1.28 mph
1,145 ft AEG
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I decided to break up my drive home from the North Rim to Phoenix by over nighting in the Lockett Meadow Campground. Being the middle of the week there were several campsites available when I arrived in the afternoon. I chose Site #17 which is the next to last one on the loop as you drive counter clockwise around it. This site has a nice view across the meadow towards the peaks. In the morning I decided to go for a short stroll while I finished off my coffee before starting the drive home. There is a maintained road entering Lockett Meadow from the southeast side which has a locked gate near where it intersects the campground loop road. I decided to explore a short distance up this road with coffee in hand and a camera hung around my neck.

As usual, I should have known better than to start a "short" stroll without carrying some water in case it turns in to more of a hike. The road goes up hill to a saddle where it intersects with another road which comes up the hill from the other side of the saddle and turns southwest to follow the ridge up to the Water Line Road. The top of the ridge looked like it would offer some good views of the peaks and down into Lockett Meadow so off I went. So much for a short stroll. There were indeed some nice views on both sides of the ridge and I followed it up to the Water Line Road where I turned around and headed back staying on the Forest Road.

I encountered at least 3 locked gates along this road (maybe more, I lost count). An AZ Fish & Game guy came driving up the road. I asked him if he thought there were enough locked gates on the road as he got out of his truck to unlock one of many. Although he kept a pleasant PC tone to his voice, he replied that he was darn tired of opening so many gates and then asked me if I had seen any Elk. Nice job, driving around the forest looking for Elk, where do I apply but then maybe not because of the gate thing?

Lockett Meadow as usual was a pleasant and scenic place to camp and made a good place to stop over on the drive back to Phoenix because it's not that far off of HW89. I did not have charming visitors stop by to share my campsite as I did on my last time here but there was still plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy. The morning hike turned out to be a pleasant surprise with nice views of the peaks and the valley along the HW89 corridor. The availability of roads with locked gates preventing access by motor vehicles makes it a good place for mountain biking. Also if your sitting in camp in Lockett Meadow and need cell phone access (note for Chumley), you can get a cell signal from the saddle a short hike up the road from the camp ground.
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