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Superstition Ridgeline
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mini location map2015-11-15
7 by photographer avatarDennisWilliams
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Superstition RidgelinePhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 15 2015
Hiking12.00 Miles 4,480 AEG
Hiking12.00 Miles   8 Hrs   6 Mns   1.58 mph
4,480 ft AEG      30 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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Seemed like a good idea to get in another go at the Ridgeline before the end of the year. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is my favorite day hike within 100 miles of town. This in no way diminishes my present obsession with Four Peaks. The Ridgeline is a hike. The Peaks are something else.

The weather forecast said 50% probability of rain after 6:00 PM. Sounded good so off I went. My first sense that I may have misjudged this is when rain started to hit my windshield on the Peralta Road on the way in. I realized that I had neglected to throw my rain shell into my pack. Oops! All I had was a double thickness cotton hoodie that I tend to leave in the truck, of no use in the rain. At the trailhead I figured I had better have something warmer available just in case, so I stuffed the big bulky thing into the pack and headed out.

There was no rain at that time but it was colder and windier than I expected and this drove me right along without much interest in rest stops until I reached the summit of Superstition Mountain. Then it started to rain. I half considered bailing out and going back to Carney but figured the rain wouldn't kill me so I chose to continue.

The rain let up nicely after I got down to the Hieroglyphic saddle and it looked like it might be clear for several hours. I put it in higher gear just in case and moved continuously until hitting the notch about a mile and a half southeast of the Flatiron. Ate lunch there and took my only real break. When I got up to leave it was apparent that the rain was threatening anew and so I booked on over to the saddle above Siphon. I opted to skip 5024 as well as the Flatiron and started down in a slight drizzle.

Going down Siphon was slow. The rock was wet and slick. My usually sticky Vibram soled boots were much less trustworthy in those conditions. Took a little sit-down spill at the slick rock area. It really was very slick. Rained hard while I was in lower Siphon and during the hike over to the trailhead. Soaked through and chilled I met my wife over at the entrance to the state park. We have done this before and she is awesome to come out and pick me up there and then go over to Carney to get the truck. She tolerates and supports my lone wolf hiking. What a gal!

Though not particularly fast compared to some others this was my best time on this route by probably two hours. Discomfort can be a great motivator. Still, a wonderful day in a wonderful place.
Drink deep or taste not the plasma spring!

- Brundlefly
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