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Superstition Peak 5057 - Carney
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Superstition Peak 5057 - CarneyPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 29 2017
Hiking12.00 Miles 3,408 AEG
Hiking12.00 Miles   8 Hrs   30 Mns   1.41 mph
3,408 ft AEG
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1st trip
Got an early start from Carney Springs just as the sun was coming up and touching on Three Sisters. Met a couple friends who I had yet to hike with so I was excited to spend the day tackling 5057 and Three Sisters with them. We started strong up Carney Rd and through the kissing gate , we shed layers pretty quickly as the sun was starting to warm things up. The first section up the false saddle was the toughest in my opinion but also a lot of fun scrambling over rocks and up slabs. We managed to keep a good pace and stopped at the first saddle to take in the sights and early morning views. The rock formations are incredible and there was no shortage of things to point at and say "oh that's cool". The trail to West Boulder Saddle from here looked tough but we breezed up it without batting an eye.

From the saddle we had pretty good views of Superstition Peak and into West Boulder Canyon. We then set off skirting above Boulder Canyon toward our destination. The trail is well marked and pretty easy to follow, some really fun sections as you cut around before dropping into and across a wash, again really well cairned. From here to start to climb the backside of Three Sisters, the gain is steady with a few borderline Class 3 Sections. Keep your eye out NW as you will start to see the top of Weever's Peak over the ridge right above West Boulder Canyon. We continued to climb and passed a small waterfall that provided some nice cool water for my head. A little after we passed the turnoff for Three Sisters that we would take on the way back we passed through some goal post cairns and hit a pretty nice saddle. The wind picked up hard so we through on some jackets and continued the push up hill. We hit the fork where the trail heads off right for Ridgeline or up left to 5057. Go left, some guys ahead of us went right and ended up turning around to arrive at the summit about 15 minutes after us. The summit is pretty apparent as you move up through the sea of hoodoos but is also really well marked with cairns. Take some time to explore this area as there is a lot of cool stuff to see. The final push to the summit involves some class 3 but is nothing too crazy. Great views up top; back into the valley, Flat Iron, Weevers, Three Sisters, all great sites on a bluebird day like today.

We made our way back down and took the fork right to Three Sisters, we found the trail peter out after a half mile, once we gained the first climb, and ended up doing a bit of bushwhacking. My partners were a bit unprepared, donning shorts and trail running shoes, and quickly ended up with legs and feet full of cactus. My leather boots and pants held up just fine as I left them behind and made the final push to Three Sisters for some mazing views and really sweet rock formations. Didn't stay too long or explore too much as my sissy compadres were waiting and ready to go. Once back at West Boulder Saddle I bid them farewell and took off East up the trail.

After dipping into the drainage, my initial plan was to follow it up to Robbers Roost but I ended up taking a path North following a faint trail and some Cairns which I found out would be the Dacite Super Loop. A very cool, isolated area with many more interesting formations to explore and some awesome sights of Weevers once I gained the ridge. I followed some cairns SE before arriving at a corridor above the Peralta Trail and saddle. Somewhat sketchy scrambling as I headed down hopping from massive boulder to massive boulder and forging a trail down to the saddle. Passed by a mossy spring that I used to help cool off and snap a few pics!

Finally connecting with Peralta trail, which was packed with Lululemon clad families, I opted for Cave Trail which I have heard of but never taken since I am rarely is this area of the Supes. I thoroughly enjoyed this trail as it was a bit of a problem solver in sections. It passed by many cool little caves and down an area called the fortress, lots of fun going down Devil's Slide and spent some time in "The Tub". Across the wash up to Cathedral Rock where I ran into some climbers I knew and rested with them for a bit. I finished out Cave Trail connecting with Bluff Springs and down to Peralta TH. Unfortunately, I still had a couple miles down the road and across Lost Goldmine to connect with my car. A slow finish to an overall exciting day!
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