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Wire Pass to Buckskin Gulch
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Wire Pass to Buckskin GulchSouthwest, UT
Southwest, UT
Hiking5.05 Miles 278 AEG
Hiking5.05 Miles   2 Hrs   19 Mns   2.18 mph
278 ft AEG10 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Yesterday my wife and I went to Kanab to play the Wave Lottery. We played but didn't win the ticket to the wave so we headed over to the NM to check out the area anyways. Earlier in the day we drove out to Paw Hole and decided to take the Wire Pass trail to Buckskin Gulch, then hike either up or down stream for a bit, then head back.

Like an idiot, I left my phone in the truck and didn't bring the spare camera battery so my camera died just after we reached the slot canyon portion of the trail. Boo hiss.

A short distance after the wash becomes a slot canyon, there is about a 7' drop. There is an old tree stump/branches to help you out but it is very slippery, along with the rocks. I made it down but my wife didn't want to chance it, so I climbed back up and we turned back out of the slot and took the alternate cairned trail around.

Once we reached Buckskin Gulch, we checked out the petroglyph wall (just a few small glyphs), then headed upstream for about 20 minutes before turning back. We really enjoyed this part. It was a slot canyon and there was some water and mud but it was easy to navigate around. On the way back, my wife slipped and got one foot wet.

Back on the Wire Pass trail, we took the slot up and my wife climbed up the one part so we didn't have to take the alternate on the way back. Just after we exited the slot, my wife took a tumble and bruised herself up and tore her thumbnail to the quick. She's a trooper though and didn't complain but I could tell she was hurting. :(

Except for the mishap, we really enjoyed this hike.

We camped at the State Line campground about a mile south of the Wire Pass trailhead. It's clean and well kept and free. There is no water but there is a covered picnic table and a fire pit at each site, ours was recently raked and swept. There is also clean privies.
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