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Highway 140 To Highway 138 - PCT C
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mini location map2018-08-01
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Highway 140 To Highway 138 - PCT CSouth, OR
South, OR
Backpack70.54 Miles 8,686 AEG
Backpack70.54 Miles4 Days         
8,686 ft AEG
1st trip
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Day 90. Camped at 1796.0 (31.7)
Had about 9 miles in for the day when I reached this section a bit before 10am. Stopped to get water near the start of the section from a nice running creek with a bridge across it. Most of the day was through forest. I was hoping to make my first 35 mile day of the trip but late in the day I had to go around some deadfall and got completely turned around. Literally turned around and I ended up hiking the wrong way for 1.9 miles. Wish I figured it out sooner as I got 3.8 bonus miles in ](*,). Ended up hiking until around 9pm camping near a junction to a spring. It was getting dark so I ended up camping in a not so good place as the whole area was burned. Was pretty sure I was away from where any trees might fall but it was still ashy dirty but not too bad. Ended up with 31.7 trail miles and 35.5 for the day, Ugh.

Day 91. Off trail at 1821.7 (25.7)
Hiked through lots of burns today. Was looking at phone, seeing where next water was, etc. when I almost got gored by a dead tree pointing down the trail. Scared the bejeebers out of me :scared:. Passed 1800 miles today. Heard that the Crater Lake PO doesn't do general delivery so worried about my resupply package. Got cell service on a ridge so tried to get tracking info for the box. No luck there so a bit worried. Took the Annie Springs trail down to Mazama Village. The general store sells Oregon craft beers for $1.65 :app:.

Day 92. Camped at 1840.6 (18.9)
After sleeping in and slowly getting up, I hung out at the general store waiting for the PO to open. Once it did, the store called the PO and they have my resupply package and will forward it to the general store in the day's delivery (next hour or two, yeah). Went to lunch with a hiker I hadn't seen for a bit, he said he and another hiker saw the danger of the tree that almost gored me and were able to clear it from the trail. Got my resupply after lunch and back on trail around 1pm. I took the Crater Lake Rim Trail alternate as most people do. Got some more food at the Rim Village plus water as the trail is dry for about 25 miles. Unfortunately it was very hazy from the fires so I could barely see Crater Lake and Wizard Island. Fortunately, as I continued along the Rim Trail, the wind shifted and the views improved. At the last lake view, a man asked me a question, then asked where I started. I said, Mexico. He thought I was a rock star and had to have his family pose with me. It was fairly amusing (Talked to another PCTer the next day who was a few minutes behind me and got the same treatment).

Day 93. Camped at 1872.1 (31.5)
It was really cold this morning, quite a shift from all the heat I've been having. I wished my gloves weren't buried near the bottom of my pack. More easy hiking this morning through forest to the end of Section C after 7.2 miles.

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