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Highway 58 To Highway 242 - PCT E
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Highway 58 To Highway 242 - PCT ESouth, OR
South, OR
Backpack75.70 Miles 7,044 AEG
Backpack75.70 Miles3 Days         
7,044 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Oregon Section E (Hwy 58, 1907.9 to Hwy 242, 1983.8)

The first few miles of this section are in my triplog for Oregon Section C.

Day 96. Camped at 1947.0 (34.7)
There was lots of forest today so not a lot of views. I passed by a lot of lakes too, so never had to carry much water. Buggy out again so that was a pain; darn mosquitoes. Made good time in the morning and the evening, but for some reason was slow middle of the day. Too many breaks I suppose, yet I did cover close to 35 miles.

Day 97. Camped near 1979.7 (32.7)
Day started out in the forest, but then I entered a burn area near the Elk Lake Resort trail junction. There were two Arizona hikers there and they gave me an apple. It was great to get some fresh fruit. Saw Mount Bachelor, Broken Top, and South Sister. Forest faded away and walked across a large open area straight towards South Sister. That was warm and I used my umbrella. The bugs also disappeared; what a relief! Since it had been about 10 days since bathing and doing laundry, and I'd be hitching tomorrow, I went for a swim in a lake to rinse off. That felt pretty darn good! One of the hilights of the day was going to Obsidian Falls. The falls, and the area around it is covered with obsidian. Very cool. Great views of the Three Sisters all afternoon and crossed some lava fields near the end of the day. Camped at South Matthieu Lake as it is the last water for about 19 miles.

Day 98. Off trail at 2000.9 (21.2)
With a long dry and exposed section ahead, I started out with 3.5 liters of water. It ended up I could have used more. The trail descended for a bit and entered a large lava field. After 4.1 miles I reached McKenzie pass and the end of this section. The rest of today will be in my trip report for Oregon Section F.

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