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Highway 35 To I-84 - PCT G
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Highway 35 To I-84 - PCT GNortheast, OR
Northeast, OR
Backpack56.40 Miles 7,496 AEG
Backpack56.40 Miles3 Days         
7,496 ft AEG
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PCT - Oregon Section G (Hwy 35, mile 2091.7 to Cascade Locks, mile 2146.9)

Day 106. Camped at 2106.7 (22.8 )
I hiked about 8 miles this morning before reaching the start of this section. Just past it there was a travel trailer parked on a road the trail crossed with a bunch of used TP on the other side of the road. Ugh. ](*,). From there it was about five miles and 1900' gain to the Timberline Lodge junction on Mt. Hood. There were great views of Hood on the way and the last mile or so was difficult due to the trail being very sandy and steep.

I arrived at Timberline Lodge around 11:00 AM. First I went and picked up a new pair of shoes I had sent here. It was wonderful to get a new pair of shoes as my last pair was completely shot after about 950 trail miles :y:. After that, I went to the lodge and had the lunch buffet. It's all you can eat and I ate a lot! I sat at a table with several other PCTers and it was fun to get caught up on how we were all doing and to meet a few others too.

It was about 3:30PM when I finally left Timberline Lodge and got back on trail. Great views back towards Mt. Jefferson as there was much less smoke haze. Also able to see a fire in the distance too west of Jefferson. I went just shy of 10 more miles, camping just past the Sandy River and shortly before the junction for the Ramona Falls alternate. Before crossing the Sandy, there was some campers with a campfire. I asked the guy maintaining the fire if he realized there was a fire ban in effect. His reply was that he was only having the fire for an hour. Ugh. ](*,).

Day 107. Camped at 2137.0 (30.3)
Started the morning taking the Ramona Falls alternate. It used to be the PCT but there was some trail washouts and now stock can't get through so no longer the official PCT. Ramona Falls was spectacular but it was very dark in the tall timber and early morning. Lots of climbing after crossing Muddy Fork. Was able to see Mt Adams and Mt St Helens. Pretty sure I saw Mt Rainier peaking above the clouds but not positive. Lots of forest today with scattered views throughout. Decided to go 30 miles since this may be my last chance since the terrain in Washington is more demanding.

Day 108. To 2146.8 (9.8 )
Big descent into Cascade Locks this morning. This is the end of Oregon and I only have Washington left on the PCT. It was fun to see the Columbia River. It was noisy descending as there were plenty of trains along the river. Once in Cascade Locks, I was met by Smoky Bear. :DANCE:. Right away I saw some hikers I knew going to breakfast so I joined them. I was hoping to see the tail end of PCT days, but by the time I got there, everything was taken down (PCT days started Friday and I arrived Sunday morning about 10:30am). PCT days was over, but there were plenty of PCT hikers around so I had a fun time seeing everyone. I resupplied, hung out, got a room, showered, did laundry, and had a fun time.

Daily vlogs of my hike: [ youtube video ]

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