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Waves Caves and a Roost, AZ
mini location map2017-11-04
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Waves Caves and a Roost, AZ 
Waves Caves and a Roost, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 04 2017
Hiking9.92 Miles 2,561 AEG
Hiking9.92 Miles   7 Hrs   27 Mns   1.50 mph
2,561 ft AEG      51 Mns Break
1st trip
I started at Lost Goldmine TH. This is a variation of the Dacite Super Loop, but instead of taking the first leg up to West Boulder Saddle, I took the Wave Cave trail and then followed the draw to the top. The weather was cool at the start, a bit humid under overcast skies. I had extra layers on for the bushwhack up the draw, so I was happy to have clouds and cool temps.

My conditioning stinks after a long layoff, so I didn't know how this would go. While I had a great time taking in several of the Peralta classics, this hike kicked my pumpkin every which way but loose. I had several bailouts along the way, the first just turning around at the Wave Cave (I was tempted), but I chose to grind it out and take in all of the sights. Glad I did.

With the big crowds that visit the Wave Cave, I expected to see some trash up there, but it was spotless. The bushwhack up the draw wasn't bad if you don't mind rock hopping and pushing through some brush.

Once on top I picked up the ridgeline trail and headed to the WB Saddle where I stopped to eat and soak in the views before heading to Robbers Roost. The Roost is always an interesting adventure. The enormous rock formations in that area are a sight to behold. The leg to Fremont Saddle always seems to be more up than down. Gets me every time.

Fremont Saddle was dotted with the usual crowds. I didn't stop, opting to head to the Weavers overlook and a lunch break. It was nearly as crowded there. I found a rocky perch away from the crowd and ate my lunch. The overcast skies had given way to partly cloudy. The hoodoos above Peralta Canyon were bathed in bright sunshine one moment, than in shadows the next, providing stunning views as sun and shadows alternated down the canyon.

When I finished lunch, getting up was not so easy. I sat too long and was stiff as a board. Time to get moving. The Cave Trail was a delight, as always. The alcove with the numerous cairns had been tossed the last time I was here. It was nice to see that it had been restored. I call it the trinket room because of the way the teeny cairns are displayed along the ledges in the alcove.

As I made my final leg down Bluff Springs, I could see the Peralta TH and was thankful to be done. Then I realized I had another half mile walk to the Lost Goldmine lot. Ugh. Rather than do the road walk, I headed into the brush behind the restrooms and worked my way to the Don's Camp. Seems like a great place. I wonder why it isn't used anymore.

Great hike. I brought 3 liters of fluids and drank all of it, running out just as I arrived at the parking lot. Perfect.
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