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Devil's ChasmGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 04 2018
Hiking4.95 Miles 2,267 AEG
Hiking4.95 Miles
2,267 ft AEG      53 Mns Break
1st trip
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Devils Chasm! With a name that that, you know it will be good. And, it surely was!

Cherry Creek Road was a little more washboardy and rougher than I remember up to the Ellison Ranch. Passed that and over the creek, the climb up was the rough and crazy road I remember from my last trip up to this area.

At the trailhead, I had preloaded the GPS track and fired up Route Scout. But, for the most part, the trail was easy to follow. There are cairns and the path was easy to follow.

This hike was really challenging. It’s only 5 miles r/t and Route Scout said it was a mere 2267 ft aeg. That sounds like a walk in the park. Those 5 miles were pretty up, with some more up at the top.

The creek was flowing along the bottom of trail pretty good, considering the lack the rain lately. The leaves were all turned and fallen on most of the trees on the drive up and along the entire hike. I would really like to come up here in the spring to see the trees with the leaves up. Once we turned up into the chasm, there were a few pools, but no water flowing. That would be an amazing sight to see as well.

We made our way to the chockstone and climbed up the ropes. What a beautiful sight, looking up to the top of the canyon and looking down into the valley below as well. I think this is one of the most impressive canyons I’ve seen in a while. Like LaBarge Box, but vertical….ha ha.

The trail follows the dry creek for the most part, crossing every once in a while. We followed the cairns to the base of the ruins and made our way up. This part of the hike was my least favorite. The steep incline and loose trail made it pretty difficult. The ropes found along the way in there really helped out. Going up and definitely back down. But, since the ruins were in sight, nobody complained as we knew our reward for the effort to get up there would be worth it.

The ruins did not disappoint. I have been to Cold Harbor and Pueblo Canyon, they are all wonderful. These ruins were very impressive and well preserved. It makes you wonder why they were build up there in such a remote location? Protection from enemies? Hunting ground? A religious importance?

The hike down was crazy on the loose stuff, but we made it down without any problem. A few of the hikers in our party had a little scare for a few seconds. They came around a turn and saw a large black furred animal. They both told me they thought it was a bear at first. It was close, like 10 feet close. But, a very pregnant cow stood up and mooed at them for interrupting her afternoon nap. Better a cow than a bear for sure!

I will be back up to this one for sure. I did not go looking for the cave on this trip, I will have to check with some DC veterans on the location for the next trip up.

Named place
Named place
Devils Chasm - Main South Fork
“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.” –Edward Abbey

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