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Weaver's Needle Summit
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mini location map2018-08-11
9 by photographer avatarfriendofThundergod
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Weaver's Needle SummitPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hike & Climb avatar Aug 11 2018
Hike & Climb12.30 Miles 4,100 AEG
Hike & Climb12.30 Miles   8 Hrs   53 Mns   1.61 mph
4,100 ft AEG   1 Hour   16 Mns Break
I made a visit to my old stomping grounds with Karl today. The plan was Weavers Needle and Bluff Mountain. Initially, there were some high hopes for running water out there and we even wondered if it would be running across the road on the way in, as we both thought we saw some pretty decent rain coming down out there last night on radar and because Phoenix got hit so hard. But alas this quickly faded as we hit the dry dirt road on the drive in. But no worries we were there to bag some summits, not swim.

The early morning conditions were great out there to start, low humidity with a little breeze. There was trickling water in Barks Canyon and at the intersection with Terrapin. We also ran across some random puddles on the way to the Needle and a couple of very lightly flowing spots along Bluff Springs Trail later in the day. Karl was not feeling the climb when we got to the base of the needle and after a little mulling it over, he decided it would not be in the cards for him today, so I went ahead and bagged it on my own. However, I will admit that I nearly bowed as well, as I was a little shaky in my legs and a little more anxious than usual on the tricky part. I think some of it was dealing with a lot less strength than the last few times I had did it and worrying about my surgically repaired shoulder more than I should have been. Nevertheless, I was able to take a little breather, calm my nerves and it started to come back to me. I ended up taking more time than I should have and a few parts that seemed very easy last time, took more time and attention to detail this time around, but I eventually made the summit. There was a crazy gnat infestation on the summit, so I did not stay long, or even open any of the three summit registers, but I was still able to enjoy the nice moment on top of the symbol of the western Supes. I found the anchor I could not find on the way up and Karl contemplated another attempt with a handline in place, but it barely reached the tricky spot, so it was not going to be much use to him. But eventually we both agreed a return in winter with the right rope was probably the best option and after a little guiding from Karl I completed the down climb.

From Weavers it was on to another western Supes icon, Bluff Mountain. We took a cross country route from the base of the needed to almost the exact spot we would be leaving the Terrapin Trail for our climb up the backside of Bluff. The climb was a little warm at times, but the travel was pretty easy. There was another gnat infestation on the top of Bluff so our stay was short. However, we did have enough time to look over the register and reminisce about all the HAZers in it. That log book up there is seriously 75 percent HAZ users! From the summit it was on to the Ely Anderson Trail and our descent. The fire damage on Bluff from a few years back is almost non existent and it was nice and green up there. After we descended, we made a quick detour to Bluff Springs, as I was curious to if it was flowing and it was. It was a light flow, but steady enough to fill a one gallon bucket in a relatively quick amount of time. We shared our break spot with a nice polite rattler who agreed not to mess with us, if we did not mess with him. It was a bit of an oven at times on our way back to the trailhead, but we made decent time, with only a quick stop to filter some refreshing lukewarm water.

Overall a great day in the Supes! It was really nice to reconnect a little with that area after spending my summer on the road. Even with the slightly cooler day, it was probably a little warm out there for most mortals. Thank you for the cold beverages and driving Karl.

Named place
Named place
Weavers Needle

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Barks Canyon Pools to trickle Pools to trickle
More pool than trickle, but a decent amount of water.

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Bluff Spring Dripping Dripping
Approximately one gallon per 8-10 minutes.

dry Crystal Spring Dry Dry

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