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Barbershop Trail, AZ
mini location map2018-08-21
19 by photographer avatarmarkthurman53
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Barbershop Trail, AZ 
Barbershop Trail, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 21 2018
Hiking8.90 Miles 1,687 AEG
Hiking8.90 Miles   4 Hrs      2.67 mph
1,687 ft AEG      40 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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I arrived on the rim about 0600 which is just about sun rise and of coarse this is the best time if you want to see Elk along the way. Saw maybe 2 dozen Elk, three of them pretty good sized bull elk. The Rim road is a little bit weather worn from the monsoon rains but still street car doable if you go really slow in places. Took me 45 minutes to get to the trail head on FSR139. Started the hike at 0700, after eating a can of sardines for breakfast (make a note to bring fork next time, eating sardines out of as can with fingers is messy). The weather was getting darker instead of lighter as it usually does as the morning progresses. The temperature was 53 degrees which was quite a change the normal summer weather I have been in.

Headed east on the trail going down into a small side canyon that eventually leads to Barbershop Spring and then Barbershop Canyon. a couple of minutes into the hike I spotted a couple of bear tracks in the trail, made probably just in the last 10 minutes. I believe I spooked this bear probably when I parked the jeep at the trail head which is just a couple hundred yards up the hill. I never did see the bear but it probably was watching me from the woods. It had rained here late last night, or very early morning so the trails were clear of all other tracks. The rain started up again as I approached Barbershop Spring and would continue until I finished the hike. In Barbershop Canyon I took refuge under a giant fir tree for about 20 minutes as the rain, lightning and a little hail came down pretty good. I bought one of those five dollar light weight ponchos so I could abandon my old camouflaged surplus poncho (it was old, stinky and sticky) and I was surprised how well this cheappy poncho worked. This will probably become my new day hike rain gear equipment, only weighs 5 oz.

Barbershop and Dane Canyon Creeks were running but no issue crossing. The trail just past Dane Creek crossing passes through a small meadow and continues on to a forest service road for a short distance before heading east over a small ridge to Bill McClintock Draw. I entered on to this road OK but missed the trail exit a quarter mile away. I continued on for almost a mile before I looked at my GPS and realized I was off Trail. I made the necessary corrections to get back on trail. On my return trip I followed the Barbershop trail and saw where I made my mistake. It was raining and I was walking along the road and seeing the road ahead of me I continued going, missed the big wooden arrow in the road, the rock cairn and walked over the wood laid across the road. In other words I was sleeping. The only thing missing was a person sitting there saying exit the road here. I reentered the trail in McClintock Draw and continued on for about a half mile to the junction with the U Bar Trail. My original pan was to hike the U Bar to the Dane Creek crossing and return the way I came but due to the weather I will have to do the U Bar tomorrow.

I returned along the Barbershop Trail without incident and at FSR139 I continued west for .2 miles to the junction with the Houston Brothers Trail. It stopped raining just before I got back to the trail start. Sometimes bad weather makes for interesting hikes and that was the case here. Got to see these canyons in a dark and gloomy light, sit out a thunderstorm with a magnificent lightning show and see these normally dry creeks running with water. Nothing bad happened so it was a good hike.

This trail is in good condition and easy to follow with the exception of the trail entrance and exit from a road along Dane creek but if you aren't asleep it should be easy to find. The signs along this trail are old and a little bit hard to read but they are still functional. I liked this hike even if it was a bit wet, there were no bugs bothering me and the temps were in the 50s.
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