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Barbershop, AZ
mini location map2020-07-09
13 by photographer avatarjillyonanadventure
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Barbershop, AZ 
Barbershop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 09 2020
Hiking4.27 Miles 941 AEG
Hiking4.27 Miles   2 Hrs   11 Mns   2.02 mph
941 ft AEG      4 Mns Break
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Wanted to escape the heat so I drove up North for a little getaway. I camped off a forest road on Wednesday night, and then was up early to hike! I had Barbershop trail to myself, and it was a nice forest type easy to follow trail. The spring was pretty close to dry, maybe dripping a bit. I explored a bit in Barbershop Canyon & Dane canyon before turning around. I realized I hadn’t downloaded offline directions to my next destination (oooops), so I stopped and checked out some random canyons instead on the drive back (not on my recording). Started feeling toasty in the early afternoon so I headed back to the AC. Nice little getaway! First solo camping trip under the belt : app :
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Barbershop Canyon
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