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Humphreys Summit Trail #151
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mini location map2019-09-04
9 by photographer avatarJim_H
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Humphreys Summit Trail #151Flagstaff, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 04 2019
Hiking10.25 Miles 3,313 AEG
Hiking10.25 Miles   7 Hrs   10 Mns   1.68 mph
3,313 ft AEG   1 Hour   5 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
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I had no plans to hike this when I drove north Monday, having decided Elden was safer that afternoon (60% storm chance on the Peaks Monday) and planning mainly to hike section #36 of the AZT the next day, or when I woke up back in Flagstaff on this morning of the 4th. The plan was to take the scenic route home to the oven, stopping for apples in Oak Creek Canyon. But, I was right here, and could go for a hike. The forecast for a 40% chance of storms was risky, but seemed worth it. If things went well, I might stop at Philomena Springs.

It was overall an enjoyable hike with late summer/monsoon conditions. There was obvious evidence of rain since my last time here 3 weeks ago, and it felt cool and moist, not warm and dry. I prefer warm and dry, but this was nice, too. Better than 112! Storms formed slowly around the mountain, and mostly well away from it. Above the saddle, the usual reports of obvious conditions from descending hikers were encountered. However, I ended up having storms all around me and the summit to myself for 40 of my 50 minutes up there. I even had breaks of sun and blue sky over me while up there, more often then not.

A few storms to the north became better developed and were merging, and a storms that was south of Flagstaff was slowly creeping north. These didn't concern me. What did, was gradually darkening clouds to the south nearer to Agassiz, and a storm that was turning from virga to rain near to Kendrick. My blue sky hole was closing, too. No springs visit, today! About half way or so back to the saddle, a pair of guys from Texas was continuing to the summit in shorts and t-shirts and with nothing for rain, but also no evidence of food or water. So, whatever, and shortly after I was met with sideways rain and hail. Good times. I was fine, and there was no real lightning and that which I heard seemed to be cloud to cloud, as opposed to the visible stuff north and south of the Peaks which was striking the ground.

Maybe because it has been years since having done so, but I enjoyed hiking down post storm, even with wet and cold feet, and arrived at my car pretty happy to have done this again, despite the storm conditions encountered on my way down.

Things are starting to look autumn like, with small amounts of red seen in the Avens. Usually that peaks in color in middle September, and fall color descends the mountain for about a month.

Summit #114
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